Month: November 2018


It is very important that children have their own playground because we all know that the game is learning and that it is healthy to spend a few hours letting your imagination fly in a space that is entirely yours. We will tell you how to decorate a playroom for children, with some great ideas […]


Perhaps it has been relegated to the background in recent years, but the dressers are coming back stronger than ever. Many years ago, it was almost unthinkable to have a living room or dining room without the dresser. Later, they fell into disuse but it seems that little by little, it has resurfaced again.


The headboards also frame what is the most important piece of the bedroom, the bed, dress the room. Being the bed the bulkiest element of the bedroom. It is logical to think that it will attract all eyes. Hence, choosing the right headboard to reinforce such a role is key.

Modern bathrooms for home

Modern bathrooms

Modern bathrooms can be decorated in many ways, so it is possible to enjoy different types of bathrooms in the same modern style. The modern bathrooms are characterized by a simple style and furniture minimalist design with basic lines, but within these details, we can find many variants.

Sliding doors

When it comes to decorating our home, we always try to find the best options. Although we think of the style that decoration will bring, we also look for the practical and everything that does not occupy too much space. Hence, sliding doors are always a good idea a priori.


Did you know the consumption of canned products is very high and growing more and more? In the market, there are more and more products that are presented in this type of packaging. Millions of cans are consumed on our planet. This is a clear sign that you need to commit to the reuse of […]

Magazine racks

Are you subscribed to any magazine racks? Do you buy the newspaper daily? Do you like to have your notes always close? The magazine will allow you to put some order in your usual reading corner and at the same time, contribute personality to it. Do you still have this accessory in your home?


It is not easy to choose a bed to decorate the children’s bedroom. Today there are numerous models that can fit in this space, from the simplest and traditional, to the most modern and compact. The space available and the use you want to give the room will largely determine one or another choice.