3 easy ideas to create your own clay pendants


In this tutorial, I teach you 3 ideas so that you can easily create clay pendants or with the modeling paste that you like or that is easier to get and use. If you have never used clay do not worry, because they are very basic steps that you can do without any problem.


To make the 3 Ideas for hanging , as you have already read, you’ll need clay or play dough . In addition, we will also use the following materials:

  • Flat wire
  • Ceramic finish varnish
  • Roller
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Awl
  • Knife
  • Texturizer
  • Round wire
  • Beads

Step by Step

Take a look at the following video tutorial in which I show you the step by step of the 3 clay pendants. Surely they inspire you to create yours and personalize them with the shape and colors that you like the most.

You can make them for yourself, to give as gifts or even to sell. They are resistant, especially if you make them with cold porcelain or with polymer clay. In addition, the steps are also applicable to rings, earrings and bracelets, so let your imagination fly and create the jewelry that you want. They are quick to do, but I leave you next step by step of the three pendants so you do not forget anything and you can do it yourself.

Marbled pendant

This pendant has a wire around the edge that gives it an elegant touch. The marbled drawing is original and makes it exclusive, there will be no other like it.

Shape the flat wire and give it the shape you want, adding a hole where the chain of the pendant will go. Smooth the clay with a roller and cut it with the wire already molded, as if it were a cutter. Let the clay dry inside the wire. When dry apply acrylic paint by dropping it in different colors. To give it a marbled touch, move it a little with a stick or punch. When the paint is dry, apply ceramic finish varnish to give it a shiny or crystalline effect.


Textured pendant

This pendant changes a lot depending on the texture you use. You must smooth the clay and mark it with the texturizer before the cuts. Cut the pendant with the shape you like the most. Leave a hole for the pendant chain.

When the clay has dried, you should paint it with acrylic paint. Let the base paint dry and rub the relief with metallic paint. Varnish it to protect the piece.

Inlaid pendant

This model is usually more casual, although depending on the shape and finishes you can make it more elegant.

You must create a circle of clay and open the hole to enter the chain. With the help of a punch marks the lines where the wire will be located and some points where the stones or beads will go. When the clay is dry you can paint it. Once painted, stick the wire and the beads in the holes you have made. Do not forget to apply the varnish of the finish that you like, will make the pendant is protected and last longer.

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