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For those people who enjoy both interior decoration and home design patios like me, I have thought about this article that I offer today. Although it seems an absurd “exercise” that decorating “empty spaces” in a mobile app helps quite later when we get a detailed idea of how we want to decorate our home or part of it (rooms, garden, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.).

Playing in an application with colors, different textures of fabric, wall painting, furniture, etc., puts the clearest ideas when it comes to reality. If you like the subject and want to know what are these 3 home design apps for the mobile that I have thought for you, just keep reading a little more.

APP: Home Design 3d

This application is accessible and open to everyone. It serves both IOS and Android and will like both home decor enthusiasts and design students and professionals already in the field. Home Design 3d is the application of reference interior design to obtain professional results at your fingertips.

You can draw floor plans in 3D and 2D, add elements such as doors and windows, furnish and decorate each and every one of the rooms you create and finally visualizes the result either to finish it or to give the last master touch to the design. You will have a good time with this app; it is one of the most funs.home design

App: Colors

This application is also available for both Android and IOS systems and although it is more basic and simple than the previous one, it will help you especially those who do not know how to combine colors and define a palette that matches the rest of the colors.

These palettes that you make will serve you later for whatever you design.

App: Rome

With this application, you can do from plans in three dimensions to furnish rooms, thanks to its technology of augmented reality, which will allow you to see how the furniture you like or the color of the walls will look. Best of all, it has a wide catalog with brands such as Vita, HAY or IKEA to inspire you when choosing furniture and help you when you move or re-decorate your home.

Like the other two previous applications, it serves both for mobile phones and tablets for I phone and for mobile phones and tablets with Android system.

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