3 ideas to decorate with vases reusing shampoo bottles


Surely over the course of a few months, you have used at least 3 bottles of shampoo. Well, do not throw any because I bring you 3 different ideas to turn those boats into beautiful vases for flowers.


To make the flower vases you will need the shampoo pots very clean and dry. No matter the size and shape, the ideas can be applied to any type of boat. In addition to recycling shampoo bottles, you will need these other materials:

  • Silicone in gun
  • Sponge
  • Scissors
  • Spray paint
  • Acrylic paint
  • Cord or rope
  • Chickpeas
  • Napkins for decoupage
  • White glue or adhesive for decoupage
  • Brush
  • Water
  • Chickpea vase

In this design, people are surprised to discover that the decoration of the vase is really something as common as chickpeas. To do so, apply silicone in a spray gun on the boat. Quickly paste the chickpeas. So you’re doing until you cover the whole boat. To give it a different finish, paint it with spray paint. In metallic it gives an elegant touch, but you have many colors to choose from.

Just as chickpeas are stuck, you can use lentils, coffee beans or pasta shells. All this depends on how you want your flower vases to look.

Vase with relief

We will give this vase an Arabic touch with the relief drawings that we will make with the silicone guns. You can be inspired to create the design in the Moroccan lanterns that you can find in many photos online. Get inspired by those drawings and make them on the shampoo bottle.

When you have your design finished it’s time to paint it. As with the chickpea model, we will also paint it with spray. Give a striking color to the entire vase, and then paint only the relief of gold. This combination will give you the Arabic style we are looking for.

Vase with decoupage

The decoupage technique is very recurrent; we can decorate a multitude of objects with it. It is to paste napkin paper, rice or very thin paper, and it seems that is drawn on the surface. To decorate this vase we will do it on a cord or rope. You must surround the whole shampoo bottle with the rope by sticking it with silicone.

If you have chosen a paper napkin, you must remove the white layers. Cut out the part of the drawing you want to paste into the vase. Apply white glue or adhesive to decoupage over the entire surface and stick the napkin over the pot. To fix it better, apply a second layer over the napkin and let it dry.

There are many different napkin designs so you have multiple designs, even with different themes.

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