5 things that every host should think before Christmas


Many will say it is early to think about Christmas. Who will welcome family and friends at home to celebrate with them as indicated as these dates, however, we know that we have the right time to finalize all the details in order to enjoy the most.

In about a month our home will witness great friendships, conversations, laughter … Before they arrive, however, there is much to prepare. We must think about the decoration of the house, the menu we will offer our guests and the plans we will make with them, among other things

As hosts, there are at least five things that should be thought in advance so that we do not get caught by the bull at Christmas. Having everything under control will prevent us from breaking out at the last minute and will allow us to enjoy our guests. Let’s go step by step.

Think the menu

What is the most time it takes to organize before a family celebration? Generally the menu. Those who by tradition repeat the same menu year after year will not have much to think about; they will have the kitchen dominated. Those who premiere as hosts or prefer to innovate, however, will have to think what kind of menu to offer and what dishes to include in it.

The idea is to prepare a menu according to the number of guests and the type of guests. Are all our guest’s adults? Will there be children? Is there a vegetarian or vegan person among them? Once we have an idea of what type of menu we want, we will look for recipes that we master or that we feel comfortable cooking to incorporate them into the menu.

It is also advisable to choose recipes that we master, to choose recipes that can be prepared in advance or that do not require a great work prior to being served. This way you will avoid having to be locked in the kitchen and you will be able to enjoy together with your family and friends what is most important.

Do you already have the menu? The next step will be to make the shopping list. Next week we will return with more tips to organize the purchase in the best way, be careful!

Think of the decoration

Who does not want their guests to find their home warm and welcoming? At Christmas, we also seek to give that magical touch that dazzles both young and old. We do this by placing an Advent wreath on the door, a Christmas tree, a small crib or decorating shelves with candles and decorative elements of these dates.

And as important as achieving that environment in our home is to achieve it at the table. Think about how you are going to dress the table and what you need for it. Do you have a tablecloth long enough to cover the table? Do you need to buy a new one? Do you already know what tableware and glassware you are going to use? Are you going to use any decorative element?

Decorating a Christmas table does not have to be difficult and expensive. Candles will serve to give a more intimate atmosphere to the table. Labels on the dishes will bring elegance to it. And some cinnamon or olive twigs can become a perfect complement to place on the napkin. Take a walk through your garden, take a trip to a natural area, visit your nearest decoration shops or check out our ideas to inspire you.

Think of plans for the after-dinner

The normal thing in the Christmas dinners and meals is that the table extends. Sometimes the conversation is enough to keep you entertained. In others, however, it is not bad to have a plan B so that the party does not decay. Prepare some games to entertain the youngest of the house, betting on family board games in which everyone can participate or set up karaoke at home can be great ideas.

Think of the gifts

Do you usually exchange Christmas gifts at lunch? In many families there is a custom of celebrating the invisible friend, in others, you take advantage of that moment to exchange the gifts of the Olentzero or Santa Claus … Whatever you have to do, you will have to create a pleasant climate for the exchange. Think of a place where your family and friends can deposit the gifts; It can be under the tree or anywhere else you choose.

In addition to having your gifts prepared as a hostess, you can prepare for your guests some detail or gift. We talk about simple things: Christmas socks to walk comfortably around your house, a party cap or other details to animate the food or a bag of cookies to take as breakfast.

Distribute the tasks

At this point you will have written on a paper a list of tasks to take care of before Christmas, are we wrong? Well with the list in hand comes the time to distribute the tasks. If you are several at home, the idea is to agree on who is going to take care of everything. Some can take care of looking for elements to decorate the table, others to prepare the games, others to make the purchase in the market to prepare the menu … Thus the workload will be less and you will enjoy more of the process.

If, in addition, any of the guests offer to prepare something, let them do it! Perhaps there is in the family who enjoy preparing desserts or who understands wines and offers to buy it … In addition, you can leave it in the hands of the youngest to prepare the desktop games; this way you will make sure that they are also comfortable.

Be quiet if you have not started planning Christmas yet, you have time! Go step by step; we will help you along the way over the next few weeks.

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