American bar: connects kitchen and living room


American bar, in many homes, the kitchen is much more than a space for cooking and gathering the family around the table. The kitchens are witnesses of long talks, important news, furtive pecking and even moments of study or work. Yes, there are many of us who have grown up in a kitchen.

Today, however, the size of the kitchens is not what it was. It is difficult to find kitchens in urban flats with space for a large table as before. And, it is precisely in these small kitchens but opens to the living room.

The American homes with the kitchens open to the living room that we could see in the movies or in the big decoration magazines have influenced the name of what we call today American bar. An element that has traditionally been used to visually separate both spaces and connect people who are on either side.

An  presentation of American bar is usually as a continuation of the kitchen countertop. And, therefore, has a height higher than that of a traditional table. However, it is often used as such, combining it with high stools. It is also familiar as the breakfast bar because it is at that time of day when more prominence charges.

Why is the American bar attractive? Beyond connecting the kitchen with the living room, there are other reasons why they have not stopped evolving and being protagonists of our homes:

  • They are a fantastic tool to subtly integrate the kitchen with the living room.
  • In a small kitchen, they allow us to gain space. They provide a space in which to work or eat and visually divide the space without installing partitions.
  • And, they facilitate communication on either side of the bar, between the guests and the people who cook and prepare the food. They also invited to gather around it to eat or chat, contributing to create a very pleasant climate.
American bars

When we think of an American bar, we do it as an independent element of the kitchen although integrated into it. We visualize a bar with space for two or three stools that starts from a wall. And, that supported on some legs, a low wall or a set of cupboards divides the kitchen of the living room.

In many kitchens, however,¬†presentation of the bar is as a continuity of the countertop itself that takes the form of L. The peninsula, as one would have to call it “technically” in these cases, has generally the same height, the same background and saves the same aesthetic as the rest of the worktop.

In the case of the peninsulas, it is usual to respect the aesthetics used in the kitchen, but is the same with the American bars? When the American bar is an independent element, freedom is greater. It is not uncommon to find American bars that break with the rest of the kitchen. How? Playing the color

When you want to draw attention to the American bar as the images show. Use a color that contrasts with the color of the kitchen cabinets are always a good choice. Another way to get attention to this is to bet on different materials. Since it is a relatively small element, many people commit to use solid wood or marble to bring personality or sophistication to it.

The American bars admit a great variety of designs but are they comfortable? They are comfortable as a work surface and as a meeting space. But, they are not as comfortable as a table despite their substitution. They are often used to have breakfast, a snack or a light dinner. But, when it comes to sitting down and enjoying a good meal, make no mistake. We all prefer a traditional table and chair.

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