Antique dressers to decorate your home


The old furniture is no longer outdated but has become valuable pieces. In the vast majority of cases are usually renewed to give them a totally different and new touch, adding color and details that change the furniture, but there is also someone who adds them as is, with its antique touch in wood. In this case, we will talk about the versatile antique chests, ideal for any corner.

A dresser has a thousand uses, as we will see in this post. Not only is it used as a storage unit in the bedroom, but it can be turned into a vintage washbasin, the perfect piece of furniture for the nursery or another storage space for the living room area. Discover all the uses that old chests have.

Commodes for the bathroomAntique

These commodes have many times become the perfect piece of furniture for the bathroom, as they allow us to have plenty of storage space. The dressers give a vintage and very elegant touch to these toilets. Sometimes even an antique chest of drawers is mixed with a modern style sink, creating an interesting contrast.

Details on the dressersdressers

These antique chests are usually renovated to give them a more original and modern touch. Do not have to go through great difficulties, as there are some touches that help us create a totally new and very special piece of furniture. You can paint the wood in many shades, which already makes it look more current. On the other hand, you can place new shooters. Since in the market there is an infinity of them, each more original. Inside you can place wallpaper to give it a special touch when we open the drawers.

Commodes of colorsCommodes of colors

One of the most common things when it comes to fixing old dressers is adding a touch of color. In this case, we find furniture that has been painted with intense tones, so they have become the protagonists of the spaces.

Wood DressersWood dressers

Many are the furniture that is painted in striking tones or white, but some still retain this antique furniture in its initial color in wood. This is usually done in spaces where we want the most vintage touch. These comfortable have a great charm with their shapes, so they are also beautiful in the natural color of the wood, although nowadays the lightest woods are carried.

Original dressersOriginal dressers

These comfortable ones are really original. Not everyone renews antique furniture in this way, but there are always those who display all their creativity. This furniture has been completely renovated playing with paint. On the one hand, they have created a banner on the furniture in colors as colorful as are pink and orange. On the other side, we see how a dresser has two sides. In one is the modern part with bright colors arranged in stripes and in the other the simple wood, with the original furniture. Which one do you like the most?

Chests in the kitchenChests in the kitchen

You do not see much, but these comfortable ones can also be arranged to become an auxiliary piece of furniture inside the kitchen. The painted have given a new touch with wheels on the legs to move the piece through the kitchen.

Comfortable for the children’s roomchildren's room

This beautiful antique furniture is also ideal for a children’s room. They can be added as additional storage furniture in which to store the child’s clothes or even their toys. The special and vintage touch that adds to the room is very beautiful.

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