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The Arabic style decoration has a lot of charm and is really authentic, that’s why not everyone dares with it. If you want a style for your home that does not go unnoticed and that admits all kinds of colors, changes, and patterns, you have the beautiful Arab style. You can be inspired by some of their things or create an Arab environment of great beauty.

We are going to give you some keys to reproduce in your home the Arab style in decoration. Which is inspired by Arab houses, with its exclusive furniture and textiles? Undoubtedly there are many ways to put the Arab touch at home, so do not lose the detail of everything that this style can offer you.

Warm colorsWarm colors

The warm colors are widely used in the Arab decoration, but today we can see how there is also the possibility of creating spaces in this style with cool tones. However, in this culture, orange, red, pink and gold tones are often used to offer warm spaces. In this case, we can see some small details such as vases with colorful flowers, small lamps, cushions. Carpets or the mythical Arabic metal tables with engravings.

Typical textilesTypical textiles

The textiles are a very important part in Arab areas. You have to remember that they do not usually use tall furniture, but rather cushions and low tables, with carpets that cover the floor to make it much more comfortable. That is why to create an Arab corner we must add many textiles, if possible stamped and colorful, with ethnic prints.

Arabic furnitureArabic furniture

The Arab style of furniture is very recognizable. Especially popular is the low table with wooden legs and metal top. There is in higher versions for sofas, although it is usually low because in many Arab-style spaces they sit on cushions on the floor. In the Arab spaces, there is not much furniture in this sense. So, they are usually bohemian spaces and wide, with beautiful decorative details and many textiles, but these tables mark without a doubt the difference.

Arab lampsArab lamps

There is another element that can never be missing in an Arab-style space. We refer to lamps in Arabic style. These lamps are made of metal and have many details, sometimes with pieces of colored glass. It is usual to be very colorful but there are also in metallic tones. They can be hung or we also have the floor version.

Arab mirrorsArab mirrors

The mirrors are often used in these spaces and usually have geometric shapes and motifs in their designs. They are a great idea to enlarge the spaces if we are using many intense tones. This way we can get more diaphanous areas.

Arcs to separate spacesArcs to separate spaces

This idea supposes to realize works in the house, the reason why not the entire world can allow it, but without a doubt. It contributes a great Arabic style decoration to the zone. The arches in the areas where doors are placed or to limit spaces are very common, and there are many different ways of doing them.

Arabic tilesArabic tiles

The tiles with geometric shapes and full of color have always been a part of the Arab world, so they can be part of the decor. It is also an element that needs a certain work, so we must think about it before creating the spaces. Here we see how the tile is inside the spaces and also in a beautiful Arabic style decoration patio.

Modern Arabic decorationModern arabic decoration

Although the traditional Arabic decoration has many colors. The truth is that there is also a trend that shows us this style from a more modern point of view. The modern Arabic style decoration is monochrome. With white and light tones, with wood and metal, to give it a more chic touch.

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