Banners to give a fun touch to your home


What is a banner? The RAE defines banderole as 1. A small flag, about 30 cm in the square and with a flagpole, which has several uses in the military, in the topography, in the navy or in aeronautics. 2. Small triangular flag that is put on the effigies of the risen Christ, Saint John the Baptist, and other saints. 3. Tape or piece of cloth worn by the soldiers of cavalry on the spears, placed under the mojarra, as an ornament.

In the world of decoration, the banners take two forms mainly. The first, triangular, in the form of a garland. The second, square and individual, designed to hang on the wall. Both can give a funny and bohemian touch to our home. And we do not have to wait to hold a party for it.

Banners are a classic when it comes to putting color to a party but we do not have to wait to celebrate one to decorate our home with them. In the bedrooms and children’s playrooms, they become a great ally to incorporate color, while in the rest of the house the banners with messages can be used to draw attention to a certain corner.Banners

Banners to decorate a party

Pennants and flags are common elements in our parties. We have seen them decorating the squares of the towns during the patron saint festivities and the sweet tables in more than one celebration. We are many who have also used them in our garden or lounge when we invited family and friends to celebrate.

Garlands with banners on fabric or paper are the most popular in these cases. We can find them with numerous printed patterns and in a wide range of colors. And also with lyrics to make clear what is celebrated. “Happy Birthday”, “Welcome” or “Just Married” are some of the most demanded.

Banners in the children’s bedroom

The editorials have made the garlands protagonists of children’s dream spaces. And we have surrendered to them. Why? For being a great ally to give color and festive touch to the bedroom or the playroom of the youngest of the house.

The garlands of pennants and flags, in addition to giving color to the room also help us draw attention to a specific area of the bedroom and make them more attractive. It is common to find them in the reading area or games and the headboard of the bed.

In addition to garlands with colored banners, banderoles with animal motifs or messages hanging from the wall are common in children’s spaces. These types of banners are easy to find in decoration stores, although you can also create them yourself. How? Painting or embroidering on fabric those reasons that will make your little ones fall in love.Banners

Banners on the wall, here and there

We leave behind the children’s spaces but not the banderoles. Although in a different way, these are also used in other rooms to draw attention to certain corners or simply to dress the walls. They usually have a medium size, are made of strong fabrics and have a message printed on them.

Banners with motivating messages are favorites to decorate areas such as the bedroom or workspace. But we can also find in spaces like Etsy embroidered banners with disparate motifs that can move us to a specific place or inspire us.

There are many ways we can decorate our homes with banners. Finding them is not difficult; there are numerous online stores, more and more, that include them in their catalog. What if you find it more complicated to find them with messages in English? The solution? Customize them yourself. With some basic sewing concepts, you can create beautiful banners like the ones in the images.

Do you have flags decorating your home? After seeing our ideas to incorporate them into your home, will you encourage them to use them in a room? In which one?

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