Basic home improvements for 2019


The year has just started and now is the time for your home to have a new look. It is true that there are many people who want to lose weight, get fit, but what about the home? You also have to keep this in mind as it is the place where you rest and where in theory, you spend more time of your life.

If you want to improve your home, do not miss these simple tips to improve it and make it even cozier for you. You must feel totally comfortable inside your house. Do not miss these suggestions for your home to be excellent in 2019.

Order your home

In order for you to feel good, your home must be orderly. If your house is ordered your mind will be too. Therefore, avoid the crowds of clothes or objects that only bother you physically and visually. Have strategic places to store everything and think that if one day you disappear … that your loved ones do not have to be searching to find the things in your house. Everything in order, it’s always better. Although it may seem somewhat morbid, the reality is a way of remembering that nobody can take material things to the other side … less is more! Get rid of things that do not work for you or that is only in your house to get dust.

That you do not lack vegetationlack vegetation

The plants will always be a good choice for any house and any decoration. In addition, if you opt for the maxim that ‘less is more’, you will realize that you do not need great things to enjoy your home and your life. Add plants to your home so that, in addition to enhancing a cozy atmosphere; also serve to clean the environment.

Well-dressed walls

Minimalism takes this year and if you love blank walls, you can continue with the calm dressing your walls in a special way. You can create depth or make the room appear larger by adding images vertically or horizontally.

You can order framed photos, add pounds of art or put mirrors so that your walls are dressed and very elegant. Do not hesitate to follow your instincts and that your walls are decorated according to your

Have a garden

If you live in a small apartment you probably think that the garden is crazy or impossible to carry out. Nothing is further from reality. A garden can have it in your home if you intend to have it. A garden does not mean you should have a patio in your home; you can create it with small pots all together or with a larger one.

With the right plants and with a little time and effort, you can have a green corner in your house full of energy and calm. If you have a balcony you can have it on the balcony and protect yourself from curious neighbors with real elegance.

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