Bed headboards that dress the bedroom


The headboards also frame what is the most important piece of the bedroom, the bed, dress the room. Being the bed the bulkiest element of the bedroom. It is logical to think that it will attract all eyes. Hence, choosing the right headboard to reinforce such a role is key.

The range of possibilities that we can find in the market is enormous. From the most classic in forging or with upholstery, to those that respond to current trends such as handmade headboards made of vegetable fibers or adhesives.

Wooden bed headboards

Wood is one of the classic materials when we talk about headboards. Versatile and warm, the wooden headboards are one of the favorites to dress the bedroom. Depending on the type of wood chosen as well as the treatment received, we can achieve the results of different styles.

Thus, for example, a solid wood in dark tones and with a marked vein will bring a marked rustic character to the room; while other lighter and more homogeneous woods can become a great alternative to decorate Scandinavian and/or modern style bedrooms.

We can also use as a headboard element built in wood such as old doors, screens, windows … If you have replaced the doors of the home or you can get some you can build a headboard in less than 10 minutes.

Children’s wooden headboards

It is relatively simple and economical to buy wooden planks and turn them into beautiful headboards to decorate the bedroom of the little ones. To create original headboards like the ones we show you, you will only need plywood boards and boards and a jigsaw; In addition to painting and/or adhesives to give them color.

Textile headboards

The textile headboards are recovering this decade lost prominence. They have done it thanks to the handmade tapestries. In a time when the artisan has revalorize placing a tapestry as a headboard is a trend. A comfortable trend, since this type of headboard, does not require an additional structure and hangs directly from the wall becoming an ideal alternative in small bedrooms and/or step. Those elaborated in point, crochet or crochet steals all the protagonist.

Upholstered headboards

The upholstered headboards are a classic proposal that unlike the previous ones, does require a structure. The upholstery is without a doubt one of the most timeless and elegant choices. But modern alternatives are also very interesting in which the headboards take ergonomic shapes and are upholstered with simplicity or on the contrary, they present striking patterns.

Metallic headboards

The variety of existing designs in the market allows us to adapt them to homes of very different styles. Forge bed headboards are one of the most classic options; although it is possible to find updated designs with simple lines and striking colors. More modern are the headboards built with large pieces of brass or aluminum that give the bedroom an unmistakable industrial air.

Natural fiber headboards

There are materials that live an authentic revolution. We are talking about vegetable fibers, currently the protagonists of numerous decoration publishing houses in the form of carpets, furniture, and accessories. Jute, raffia or bamboo are materials, today, fashionable and the headboards in these materials are no exception. If you are looking for a natural and warm alternative, bet on them!

Other headboards

In addition to the above, there are other options on the market. Original headboards like those we can create using adhesive vinyl or even washy tape, without losing an inch of space in the bedroom. The same goes for the painted or natural headboards. All of them are alternatives with a lot of personalities to dress the bedroom and give it the style we want: romantic, vintage, modern, Art Deco… And all this in an economical way.

As you can see there are bed headboards for every need and style. To the most traditional in wood or forge, other modern and current ones have been added, such as those made from metal sheets or adhesive materials, as well as pieces of trend currently made of natural fibers. Which one fits your style the most?

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