Chests of drawers: practices in any room


Among the definitions that the RAE assigns to drawers we find: “Species of drawer that have the tables or school desks to store books and other things” “Set of drawers that are in the sacristies to keep the sacred vestments and altar cloths.” we speak of drawers, however, most imagine a cabinet with drawers.

It is a very open definition, ours, to define a piece of furniture with a great presence in our homes. A presence that is not casual; the drawers are very practical in any room of the house, which makes them a great alternative to decorating them. We can also find them in a wide variety of styles, so adapting them to an existing decoration will not be a challenge.


The classic drawer units are the favorite to decorate classic and timeless rooms. Made of wood, they tend to show the veins of this discreetly and usually have numerous carved details. The most classic designs tend to rise from the ground and have hardware as handles.

Currently, the antique drawers in solid wood have a great decorative value. They are also very practical as the main piece of furniture in the hall or in the bathroom and as an auxiliary piece of furniture in the living room or bedroom to gain storage space. They tend to have a large volume so you can place different objects on it; a lamp, a plant and some decorative element of your liking.

Rustic and Provencal

The wooden chests of simple lines with faux-aged are perfect to dress a space of rustic style. But so are those with patinas in very soft white, blue, green and pink colors. Both these pastel shades and the formal adornments are characteristic of the Provencal style, a style that combines the rustic and/or romantic.

Look at the shooters. The simplest rustic furniture will have wooden handles. While the French style furniture will usually have metal handles that will be adorned with flourishes. Handles can help you change the appearance of a piece of furniture, remember it!


Think of the furniture that was formerly used in factories to classify small hardware or catalog documents. They were generally voluminous furniture made of wood or metal with numerous drawers of medium or small size. Furniture that today can help you strengthen the industrial style of any room.

Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style sets trends. Therefore, it should not be surprising that drawer units with clean lines in light woods, such as those that illustrate this proposal, are today one of the most demanded. We speak of robust drawers with generally open legs that combine different luminous and soft tones such as wood and white. And they also admit pastel colors like blue or pink, mainly when decorating youth and children’s rooms.

The Nordic style drawers have a minimalist essence, so it is not advisable to place bulky or extremely striking pieces on them. A black and white photo, a simple mirror and some ceramic detail in soft tones will fit especially well.


The Scandinavian drawers have, as we have already mentioned, a minimalist character. But not all minimalist drawers are Scandinavian in style. They share with these the taste for pure and clean lines and usually present themselves in sober colors like white and black and with bright finishes. They usually have few but generous drawers that usually do without the usual shooters. And is that the absence of details that recharge the design is another feature of this modern style.


The dressers that fit in this style can present rounded shapes, such as old French chests, or modern geometric ones. Although it is not the form that gives them that glam air but the mirror finish in silver or gold. A feature that makes them ideal for decorating dark rooms. These chest of drawers also present other details such as crystals in their hardware and studs in the corners that give them sophistication and contribute to making them impressive where they are placed.

Custom drawer cabinets

If you do not find any that fits what you want, you can easily customize them. You will find in the market untreated drawers that you can paint or decorate to your liking. You can cover them with fabric or wallpaper to match the rest of the room or to make them stand out.

Uses of the drawer units

The drawers can become the main furniture in the hall. You can leave them the keys and accessories that you usually use. They are also a perfect complement in the living room or bedroom where they will help you get more storage space.

They will also become a great ally in your office or study.   It will allow you to have at hand the documents that you use the most and avoid that the visual noise derived from having them on the table make the habituation seem disordered.

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