Children’s borders to decorate children’s bedroom


Adding charm to walls or children’s bedroom furniture is easy using children’s borders. The borders open a wide range of possibilities to decorate your bedroom in a simple and economical way. It will not even be necessary to use tails.

The borders allow us to break the monotony of the walls when they are painted in the same color. They are also very useful for dividing different areas within a single surface. Do you want to know how to use the borders? How to place them? We tell you

Types of borders

We can not start talking about types of valances without having clear what a valance is. According to the RAE, we could define it as “any pattern of ornamentation that is placed along the walls, pavements, and ceilings and that usually consists of repeated elements of the same adornment”.Children's borders

In the past, borders were the simple decorative adhesive paper canvas to add additional horizontal detail to the wall of a room. Currently, its definition is more open thanks to new materials and techniques. In addition, in many cases, the borders today stop being aligned horizontally, forming diagonal or vertical lines on a wall.

Nowadays it is also more comfortable to decorate the wall with friezes than in the past. Why? Because it is possible to find in the market self-adhesive borders, which will allow you to change the appearance of a room in a few minutes. Do you want to know in addition to these that another type of borders you can find in the market?

  • Self-adhesive borders. Do not you dare with the wallpaper? Self-adhesive borders allow you to change the appearance of any room quickly and easily. Placing them is very easy on smooth, clean and dry surfaces. It is also possible to find a wide range of decorative motifs, from flowers to geometric motifs.
  • Vinyl borders: New materials such as vinyl allow us to decorate the bathroom or kitchen with borders. The vinyl is not altered by humidity and has an adhesion capacity that also resists that type of environment, so it is ideal for them.
  • Borders of paper:  This is the most traditional way to present a border in the rooms. To place them you will need tail and feel.

Another alternative is to use tiles and ceramic pieces to create a valance. A classic technique used for decades to make drawings on the walls.

Children’s borders

We can give a very special touch to the room of the youngest of the house by adding a decorative border. You will not find it difficult to find designs specially designed for them with animal, festive or educational reasons, among many others.

To decorate the rooms of the babies usually used valances in soft colors that enhance the feeling of harmony. Some of the most popular designs are those featuring animals or cute cartoon characters.

The children’s room always tries to enhance the child’s imagination and creativity; hence the color takes on a prominent role in children’s borders. As the child grows the colors become more vivid and the motives variety of motives is widened to fit the tastes of each child. Thus, we can find borders with animal motifs, superheroes, and means of transport or space. In addition to educational borders that teach children the numbers or the alphabet.

Once we have chosen the most appropriate border for the nursery, the question is: where to place it? The most orthodox according to the decorators is to place it near the imaginary lines that divide in three the height of the wall. However, as we never tire of repeating, children’s bedrooms do not understand limits. It is not uncommon to find them at ground level, on the baseboard or attached to the ceiling.

Do you like the borders to decorate the children’s bedroom? There is a wide variety of designs so you will not have problems finding the idea for your little one or little one.

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