Children’s wallpaper for the nursery


The children’s room is always a place where we want to include something fun, colorful and details that they like. At present we have many ways to create rooms that are special and personalized, with endearing and colorful motifs for the little ones.

The children’s wallpaper is a great element that allows us to decorate the walls of the children’s room with a thousand different reasons. The wallpapers have become fashionable again and this we love because they offer a whole world of possibilities to decorate the spaces. There are children’s wallpapers that are specially designed for the little ones in the house.

How to combine children’s wallpaper

The children’s wallpaper should be taken into account even before thinking about the rest of the room decoration because it is an element that takes much prominence. We must bear in mind that with the paper we are adding color and prints to the walls, which will affect the rest of the decoration. We should avoid prints as a general rule in textiles unless we can create a nice contrast. In addition, we must take into account the colors added by wallpaper, to combine textiles and furniture with those colors.

Vintage children’s wallpaper

One of the wallpapers that we like the most for the children’s room is those that have a certain vintage tendency. They use vintage-inspired prints and usually have soft colors and provide a warm atmosphere. They are usually used in rooms that have vintage furniture so that everything is combined, but although we have current furniture can be a great idea.

Children’s star wallpaper

This wallpaper is a special section because it is widely used. The stars like them because they look good, they bring a festive and dreamy touch and also allow creating a pattern that is easy to combine with other patterns, such as polka dots or stripes. In the same line, we would find wallpaper prints like those of clouds or triangles. As you can see in these children’s rooms combine all the details with the colorful wallpaper of the walls?

Natural-inspired children’s wallpaper

In children’s wallpapers, there is always a lack of natural inspiration. Whether its trees, forests or animals, it’s something we see in many rooms. Children like animals, so we can include wallpaper that takes them or one that carries a bit of everything, like these papers that have been inspired directly in the woods to create an almost story-like environment. The color is assured with such striking papers.

Nordic children’s wallpaper

The Nordic trend also has its wallpapers par excellence. The one with black pines is one of them, and the other is with rhombuses in pastel shades. This simple trend offers us great ideas for rooms, with prints that can be easily combined with other elements. In this case, we find bicolor wallpaper in black and white, which allows us to add other brush strokes of color in the room, which in this case is done with the beautiful mint green tone. They do not add more prints but could have done easily, inspired by the geometric patterns typical of Scandinavian environments.

Educational children’s wallpaper

Children learn by playing, they learn in their environment and they continue to learn even when we do not realize it. That is why we can also opt for ideas that, besides being decorative, can be educational for young children. The world maps are very fashionable, and you can not only find them on wallpaper for the walls, but also on vinyl or large sheets. In this case, we have a wall that has a funny map where the names of the countries and some typical animals appear. Children will enjoy discovering the world in their own room. On the other hand, we have wallpaper full of letters. It is a good way for them to practice with the alphabet when they are learning to write.

Geometric children’s wallpaper

You can not miss wallpaper that brings us the geometric trend. The spaces in which there are geometric prints have become very common. The geometry offers very balanced environments. In this case, we have a wall that adds all the color to the room, with tones that combine perfectly, blue, gray and yellow that give a special touch to the room when its decoration is really simple.

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