Chimney yes or chimney not in your home?


Chimney yes or chimney not in your home? So that our home has a comfortable, warm and somewhat traditional environment, a fireplace can be the most decorative and functional element for it. The fireplace will not only give us warmth in the colder days of autumn and winter, but the peace and harmony that a living room with a fireplace can offer can also become a habitual and daily experience in your day-to-day life of the most rewarding.

Even so, there are people who seriously consider the use or not of a chimney, and therefore, of whether to leave it once they move to a house that already had it before or if it is included in the plans of their new home. What would you choose? Chimney yes or chimney not in your home? Next, we tell you both the advantages and disadvantages of having a fireplace at home.

Advantages of having a fireplace

  1. They bring a cozy and endearing image to our living room.
  2. They give heat to the home. A heat that extends throughout the house and quite durable.
  3. It is a good decorative element to accompany us before unique moments: a request for marriage, a romantic moment with your partner, a family moment with your children at Christmas, etc.
  4. Because it is a Christmas ornament in itself during this holiday. He only needs the socks corresponding to each member of the household to finish his decoration.
  5. Because in front of it we can have a super suitable place for meetings of all kinds, both family and friends.
  6. Because fire hypnotizes and helps to relax, to release accumulated stresses from day to day, stress, etc.
  7. Because they give more value to our house.
  8. Because when its spring or summer and we do not need to turn it on we can store things in it.Chimney

Disadvantages of having a fireplace

  1. It can be a costly investment to make a fireplace from its inception.
  2. It is not valid for any type of housing, but it must be conditioned to have it.
  3. Always need logs, branches, and lighters to hand the fire.
  4. If you do not have access to free wood, depending on which areas you buy this firewood, it can be much more expensive than heating with electricity or gas.

Having or not a fireplace at home is a decision that only you can take and especially taking into account these advantages as disadvantages. I, personally, bet on the chimneys. The environment that gives a fireplace is incomparable.

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