Christmas wreaths to decorate your home


For those of us who celebrate Christmas and like to create our own Christmas wreaths decorations, time is on us. In two months we will meet with our family and friends to celebrate some very special days and everything must be ready by then.

A little creativity is all we need to add a Christmas touch here and there our home. We can use Christmas wreaths for them, an element traditionally made up of branches of pine, fir or holly that for the Christians symbolized and symbolizes the crown of thorns of Jesus.

The main door is the place with the most traditional to hang the Christmas wreaths; however, it is increasingly common to find them inside our homes, on the chest of drawers or where family dinners and dinners are held.

In the same way that its location has been changing, so has its design. Traditional Christmas wreaths made with branches of pine, fir or holly, today are added original proposals made with other materials: paper, cardboard, wood, felt…

Traditional Christmas wreaths

If you are faithful to the traditions and you are looking for classic elements to decorate your home this Christmas, the green crowns combined with gold and silver spheres are what you are looking for. Add pineapples to give it a winter touch and decorate your door or fireplace with it. You only have to replace the balls with red fruits that simulate those of the holly, protected in many places of our geography, if you want to give it another color.

Simplicity boho

Few elements are needed to compose a simple boho style crown like the ones we show you. Some olive branches and a decorative element hanging from the crown, whether bells, a tassel or a bow, are enough to attract attention. Do not look for perfection.

Minimalist versions

The new trends invite us to create asymmetrical Christmas wreaths, in which the foliage does not cover the entire sphere. Start by creating a metal crown; you can mold a medium thickness wire for this or use a hanger. This last idea we love, it is simple, economical and practical.

Add some green twigs and some fruit to the composition that will help you color it. Are you looking for a more romantic proposal? It incorporates a candle to illuminate in a warm and intimate way a special corner. Will fall in love with anyone.

White as snow

A wicker crown decorated with opaque spheres in white and silver is the best choice for lovers of the Scandinavian style. The wicker is a trending material that will give the crown that natural touch that today we look for in the accessories that decorate our homes. The spheres, on the other hand, will provide luminosity to the whole. If you also add wooden and/or cloth figurines, you can achieve a beautiful rustic crown.

Delicate, in paper or wood

More delicate than the previous ones are the following proposals created from paper, cardboard or wood. If you run away from the traditional these crowns are a good way to give a festive touch to your home. You can cut the Christmas wreaths on paper or use a laser tool to reproduce the figures in other materials.

Other original proposals

There are many more alternatives to create original Christmas wreaths. If you feel comfortable working with textile materials, felt can become a great ally to create crowns that imitate traditional ones. You can also break molds and combine colorful pompoms and Christmas balls to give your home a boho style.

Another way to create Christmas wreaths is to use whatever you have at home. Do you like baking? If so, you probably have star-shaped cookie cutters in the kitchen that you can use to create a crown. Clouds and popcorn are not only eaten. They also serve as raw material to shape original crowns.

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