Clothes closets a simple and economical alternative


When we talk about cabinets, most of us come to mind large furniture and made of wood to store clothes. The definition of the RAE, however, is something more school. This is what they define: “Furniture with doors and shelves or hangers to store clothes and other objects”.

Today there are many options available to store our clothes. The cloth cabinets are an excellent alternative to conventional models to those we have previously imagined. Simple, cheap and comfortable, they make it easy for us to organize a storage area in any room of the house.

Do you lack space at home? Do you move often? The rhythm of modern life and the current situation of housing make us bet on a versatile furniture that can adapt to our changing circumstances. In that sense, cloth cupboards are a great alternative; they help us organize our clothes and allow us to dismantle them and store them when we do not need them.

Why choose cloth cupboards?

The cloth cabinets are versatile pieces of furniture, to which different users can be given. His designs have also been perfected in recent years to make them more attractive. They have become a real alternative to conventional cabinets. Do you want to know why?

Cloth closets are a simple and economical storage option. That is its main advantage, without a doubt. But we cannot blame the growing demand for this alternative to a single advantage. There are many more and we wanting to share them with you:

  • The main advantage that these cloth cupboards have is that they are economical
  • They are very versatile. There are different types of models with very attractive designs.
  • They provide you with a closed space in which to store things, avoiding that they fill with dust or deteriorate.
  • You can pick them up and move them around easily, a piece of furniture less than adding to the move.
  • There are many that you can wash in the washing machine.

Types of cloth cupboards

Forget your prejudices about textile cabinets. The designs today have been perfected to achieve designs that are also practical, aesthetic. Composed of a steel structure and a cover of breathable fabric or plastic fabric with front zip, adopt multiple designs that could be classified into:

  • Simple wardrobes: They have a simple but sturdy frame with reinforced joints and a cloth cover that protects the contents from dust and dirt. They are usually provided with a bar to hang clothes: jackets, dresses, shirts…
  • Multi-purpose closets: In addition to a bar to hang clothes on hangers, how many with several shelves to store clothes folded as T-shirts and sweaters, or accessories in boxes. They are more complete than the previous ones.
  • Shoe cabinets and others: There are cloth cupboards for different purposes. And even modules that serve as an auxiliary wardrobe for a closet or larger dresses.

All of them are accompanied by a manual that allows you to assemble them in a matter of minutes and without the need for tools. They are resistant to rust, so they do not rust over time and just pass a cloth to remove dust from the cover, usually light, breathable and resistant to moisture.

Where to use cloth cupboards?

The cloth cupboards are suitable for any type of room. As we have already specified, they are resistant to rust and moisture, so they will keep our clothes or whatever we keep in them in optimal conditions.

Cloth closets are commonly used to store clothes from past seasons and thus clear the main wardrobe. Knowing that you will not use it for practically half of the year, it can be a safe place to keep some delicate items. You can place it in the guest room or in the storage room.

They are also widely used to complete the dressing room. If you have a large dressing room you can use cloth cupboards to better distribute the available space. A shoe rack or a closet in which to store the garments of other seasons can become a good investment.

In the bathroom can also be very practical to store towels, toilet paper or products that we have already purchased but we are not yet using as shampoos or creams. It is, without a doubt, the cheapest way to add extra storage to this room in the house.

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