Concealed cabinet for TV


Concealed cabinetAlthough the TVs have become increasingly thin and beautiful, there are still those who can not stand their sight.

In the ’50s and’ 60s there were TV cabinets that housed the bulky devices with the cathode ray tube inside them.

The device (as the grandmothers used to say) was closed with two doors that opened only when it was switched on: the newscast, the Thursday quiz, the costume script, and the carousel.

Now the TV as we said is much nicer and takes up very little space.
It can also be hung like a painting. Above all, however, it is always on and therefore requires high visibility and proximity within the home environment. Despite this, some people still do not like having a TV screen in front of them.
Thank goodness, it would be added!

To satisfy the needs of these “discreet viewers”, interior designers drew on the know-how of boat and caravan builders to propose a solution that was widely used in these fields the retractable television.

In practice, the LCD or flat-screen television is inserted inside a cabinet with an internal motor that lifts the TV and makes it exit vertically from the piece of furniture.

Obviously, it is a practical and elegant solution that does not lend itself to those who keep the TV always on.

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