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interior decorationWe have always believed that the best ideas for interior decoration are those that clearly reflect the individual styles and tastes. If you feel stuck, here are some tips to keep the good intentions of developing your personal style.

1. Surround yourself with inspiration. Just being here means being on the right track! Investing part of your time on websites is a great way to see what happens in the outside world. Being part of an online community gives you the opportunity to “taste” different houses and styles from all over the world, becoming more and more aware of the fact that displaying different types of interiors is a powerful accelerator for developing one’s opinions. In a moment you can look at a photograph of a room, decide what you like, what you do not like and why. Remember, however, that the point is not to perfectly imitate the photo you like, but to “cannibalize” the elements you like, even from different sources to build your vision.

2. The development of your style takes time.No sleepless nights are needed to understand your style! The slow learning process is extremely useful in creating a strong sense of style. Nobody is born with good taste, but we can all manage our time to lay the foundations of our knowledge and understand what it is that transforms something into something beautiful. This process will help to give you confidence in your style choices, without the need for pressure. Thinking about having to decorate a room or a house all at once may seem like a difficult and expensive task, instead, try to identify small goals to be achieved one at a time. If you do not know where to start, it can be useful to start with what you have and give you a deadline. For example, you want to embellish a wall with paintings of a particular shape.

interior decoration

3. Enhance your personal effects. Take a day to sit down and browse all your favorite belongings. They could be memories of a journey, things you have collected, such as bowls, old photographs, posters, wooden animals, strange boxes, rocks. Think of the things you love – food, cooking, maps, a particular culture, a color, illustrations, books, movies. Take the time to reflect on how you can integrate all these things in your environment in a visually appealing way. The integration of these pieces in your home will help you better identify the right direction to understand your style and make your home a reflection of what you are. One of the ways that determine the style of a person is to take a look at what they collect and how they fix it.

4. Experience the combination of different styles. A recent trend in interior design is to mix different media and styles. From this set a new aesthetic is always born, it is up to you to understand if this will be interesting too. Maybe you can find a way to combine in the same environment an old vintage chair recovered in a used shop with a modern table. Think of how to create a room that combines modern and vintage pieces, the challenge is open.

5. Stroll in space. Cross the space you have, make sure you understand it thoroughly, take a walk through your house with an objective eye and mentally prepare a list of things you like and do not like, trying to understand why. This inventory will help you make better decisions on the imagined decorations and therefore on purchases to make.

6. Functional and beautiful at the same time. When you look at a picture of an interior that you like, ask yourself: “Would I like to relax there, in that space, every day?” It seems like an obvious question, but it is a pity to give up the practice only for pure aesthetics. This aspect is essential for developing the right way to decorate and design an environment. Think about how you like to use the space you have every day, along with the overall beauty.

interior decoration

7. Spend on the things that you truly love. While you are in the early stages of developing your style, it is useless to spend money on fancy items. First of all, consider ways to “recycle” the existing, how you can convert old furniture. Being creative on a limited budget will greatly help you develop your style, be able to create great things with little. And since your style will initially be constantly changing, be careful not to waste energy by engaging on a sofa or a dining table if you already know that you will not love it for years to come. The budgets, limited or unlimited, should be used to buy things that you really love.

8. If you are undecided, start with the neutrals. This will give you a base on which to start building. If you have to buy a large item you are paralyzed by the color decision, go straight on a neutral color. Black, white, beige, different shades of gray. In this way, it will always be possible to add more colors, chairs, accessories, paintings, prints on panels, plants, etc. If you feel lost in this initial phase, use this little trick as a foundation on which to build your style, as an opportunity to make a clean slate and rearrange the exploded of your creativity.

9. Steal with your eyes. When you go to a store, a restaurant or an office of a certain level, observe the layout of the furniture, the colors and the other furnishing accessories used. These places could hide a careful design by professional interior designers. Aware of this, you will be more able to see the design choices made to bring a space to that particular atmosphere asked by the person who owns it and who lives it.

10. Photograph your progress. After painting a wall, putting up paintings, arranging furniture, taking a picture each time to document your progress. You will need to open your eyes and it will be extremely educational to review some of your decorating choices devised in the past and see where you have arrived.

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