Decorate the home with antique furniture


The antique furniture has been devalued in recent years, due to the great style they have. If you have furniture for a long time in your home does not throw them away, as they are fashionable and can be reused for almost any space. It is possible to renew them with paint or give them a new touch with handles.

Let’s see what kind of antique furniture we can add in the corners of our home in order to create a space with a new style. This furniture can be added in Scandinavian, vintage, modern or eclectic spaces, as they adapt to any trend.

How to renovate your antique furnitureantique furniture

When adding this antique furniture to our spaces, we must bear in mind that many times we will have to renew them in some way. The first thing we must do is to sand the furniture if it has an old varnish. With this, we can rediscover the furniture’s wood. You have to see if you have any problems or problems with moths since that is what you have to add treatment.

Once sanded, they can be painted with current tones. White is one of the most used since they take much white furniture that brings light. On the other hand, there are many colors that can give a new life to furniture, from dark blue to green or pastel yellow. The choice will depend a lot on the style we have at home.

Another way to renew them is to use wallpaper, which can be included inside the drawers or on the surface of the furniture. This wallpaper can be pasted on smooth surfaces, so antique furniture is good candidates. The handles can also be renewed to change the style of our furniture or to renew them. With these small details, the furniture can be almost completely renovated.

An old dresser

The dressers are really versatile furniture since they are pieces of storage that can be used in many spaces. The dressers can be used in a dining room, in the living room, and in the bedrooms. It is a piece of furniture that has a lot to offer and that adapts to any space. There are tall or medium-sized ones, which can also be a good option for the entrance area. If you need to add a bit of storage to some space in your home, these comfortable ones may be the best choice.

Vintage beds

The antique beds are furniture that is also very much appreciated because they have great charm. Among these beds, we can find wood, which is renewed with new shades, or those of forging, which are even more interesting. The forces have a lot of character and have been revalued, being one of the most decorative beds we can add to the bedroom.

Vintage chairs and tables

We really like the idea of also adding the typical vintage chairs to our home. Old chairs can be found easily, and if we renew them we can give them a touch more modern and modern. A great idea is to paint wooden chairs of different colors. The old chairs are also worn with a certain pattern, that is, with a worn look. An old table can be a good choice for a place like the dining room, as it adds character to the room.

Antique cabinets

These cabinets are also an institution when it comes to choosing old furniture for your home. It is true that they are less functional than a good built-in wardrobe, but the charm that adds to a bedroom is indisputable. If we also paint them a new color we will have a unique piece.

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