Decorate the home with wicker lamps


The wicker objects have again become fashionable and are a trend we see more and more. From pretty wicker beds to very elaborate rugs and wicker lamps, which we are going to talk about today. These lamps are very nice and give everything a very natural look, plus we will have many models to choose from.

We will show you a few wicker lamps, of which we must say that the most popular are the focus type, but there are many others that can be interesting for a dining room, kitchen or bedroom. You can also find inspiration in the beautiful environments that accompany these lamps.

Natural style with wicker lamps

If there is something that characterizes wicker lamps, it is their naturalness. It is a product that has natural materials and that usually fits into spaces in which that fresh touch is sought. The plants and the wood almost always accompany the pieces of wicker, to bring to our home a bit of nature. In addition, these lamps let in enough light through them, so they are also a functional element.

Sets of lamps for the home

Some people do not settle for a single wicker lamp and decide to put several together. These sets of lamps are very decorative and fit very well in any type of space. It is possible to make a set with the same lamps or with different models.

Wicker lamps type focus

We are facing the most sought after lamps in the world of wicker. The lamps type focus is very decorative and also tend to have a large size that draws attention. That is why they are put in places like the dining room or the kitchen. There are different sizes, but these are ideal for decorating spaces. As you can see, the chairs are very rustic, all very natural.

Hanging lamps

There are hanging lamps among the wicker lamps, and they are undoubtedly the ones we see the most. The advantage of these lamps is that they offer a focal light, to put on a dining table, but they do not work for places like the living room, where we want a much more general lighting. They are always a very decorative option and the wicker can be found in different shades.

Lamps for the dining room

Here are some examples of lamps that have been used for the dining room. These lamps put emphasis on a specific space, so they are perfect to illuminate these tables. The models are somewhat varied, although they are usually those that are basket type or focus.

Colored lamps

Among the wicker lamps there are also some very original that are painted in colors. At home it is possible to paint lamps and wicker objects to achieve great results. A lamp with gradient colors can be perfect for a stay in blue tones, and colored lamps are ideal for a boho environment. If you do not find them already painted, you can paint them at home, either with spray or with paint, to achieve the exact color that suits your spaces.

Tropical touch with lamps

Although in the vast majority of cases these lamps are used in rustic and Nordic environments, it is also possible to add them with a tropical touch. These lamps are perfect if we want to add that exotic touch to everything. Accompanied by wooden furniture, a vintage wicker chair and above all many tropical patterns, plants and flowers, we will have the ideal set. It is a lamp that brings a fresh touch to the home and gives us a lot of inspiration to create environments like these.

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