Decorate with glass jars


It seems that everything we can think of can be recycled. Therefore, instead of spending more money, we give a new life to something we all know. Decorating with glass jars is the simplest thing to do. As well as being able to decorate the boats themselves, they also leave us decorative areas with a lot of imagination.

If you are one of those who keeps some boats, you will discover all the life that they can have and that they can give to your home. Do not throw them away! And as soon as you have a moment, you will see how you spend time with the whole family, creating very different styles. Are you ready to give a new look to your decor?

Decorate with glass jars in the bathroom

In the bathroom, we also need decoration according to this room. That is practical and simple is something that is always at our fingertips. That’s why, instead of buying the accessories, we’ll make them ourselves. What are we going to need? For some glass boats, of course, as well as spray paint. When we use this paint, it should always be in a ventilated area and protecting our hands as well as the surface where we are going to paint. Now it only remains to choose the colors that you like the most. You can make a combination of them, protecting part of the glass and painting the other. Once they are well dried you can use them to place the toothbrushes or to store the hand soap.Black paint

Black paint for kitchen pots

Surely it is an idea that is more familiar to you and maybe you have put it into practice. Yes, decorating with glass jars can be a great alternative for the kitchen. In this case, it will also provide the decorative finish that we like so much. We can place them on the countertop or on a shelf. The black paint will be placed in the central part of the boats, so that once dry, we can paint on it the name of the ingredient they contain. You can save in glass jars from spices to dry pasta.

Candles with glass jars

Another of the key ideas is candles. You can accompany us in different rooms of our home. From the living room to the entrance or the bathroom. In this case, the options also expand. There are many details that we can stick by the glass and inside, a small candle. The dried leaves, small labels, strings or ties are some of the most used details. Of course, always on the outside, because when lighting the candle we do not want there to be any kind of risk. You can also put some sand or stones in the bottom of the jar and on both, the candle.Flowers

Flowers can never be absent!

Vases are also part of the decoration of our home. We like flowers, plants and that special touch that we can give to them. That’s why you can also decorate with glass jars and beautiful flowers. These boats can be painted at will and on them place the flowers that you like the most. Where can we place them? Well, both at the entrance of the house and in the tables of the living room and dining room. It will be best to add two or three boats together, as a decorative effect is more than great.Boats

Boats with original lids

You can not miss the most creative touch in this type of ideas. Decorating with glass jars can also literally be a children’s game. Therefore, all those boats that have around lids such as fried tomato or vegetables, lend themselves to the following idea. You can paint the cover itself with the color you like the most. Once it is completely dry, you can stick a toy in the shape of an animal or a small car. Always match the size of the lid. Do not you think it’s a good idea? Perfect to decorate the rooms of the little ones!

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