Decorate with pallets


The pallets are a great resource to decorate the home, which is also very economical. The pallets can be used to make different furniture, since they are really versatile. With them you can make different pieces that are added to the home. If you have thought about using some pallets to decorate the house, you have many different ideas.

With pallets can be made from armchairs to tables, shelves or planters. The possibilities of these pieces are almost endless, so we can use our imagination and enjoy it. Take note of everything you can do with this type of pieces.

Terrace with pallets

One of the places where the pallets were first used as furniture was on the outdoor terraces. In the search for furniture that was resistant and low cost and also had a very bohemian look, we find these pallets converted into large sofas and outdoor tables. This wood is strong and resistant, and that is why many people used it to create a versatile terrace. Stacking several pallets can make a base for the seats, which are then completed with comfortable cushions and blankets. So, if we want to store the terrace, we will only have to remove the textiles. The same happens with the tables, which are made with one or several pallets. Here we have a simple example to create beautiful terraces with pallets.

Armchairs with pallets

They can also be useful inside the home. The wide armchairs can be created with pallets, used as the base. You should buy cushions or mattresses that have the width of the pallet so you can create a space that is really comfortable. This idea is perfect for a game room, for a youth space or a reading corner. These pallets are also sometimes used as a base for the beds. It is always a piece that is very stable and durable, with an informal and bohemian look that is very popular today.

Vertical planters

This idea is great, although to make it normally you have to modify the pallets a bit. But there are many people who on balconies, terraces and even inside the house use the pallets to create planters that are most original. They are screwed to the walls to support the weight of the pots and these plants are added. They are very decorative and take up little space when having plants at home or on a balcony that is small. As you can see you can add many other things like candles and glass jars.

Original narrow table

These pallets also serve to make small narrow tables that can be used in many parts of our house. From the hall, where it will serve as auxiliary furniture, to the kitchen area, and which serves as a small table or island. These tables can be made by screwing two pallets on the inside. We will have a gap in the middle in which you can add tables to make shelves.

Pallet shelves

With the pallets you can also make great storage furniture. From small shelves that are achieved by cutting these pallets to others that are made by standing them up. They are shelves that can be made with one or two pallets and have holes to add from books to vases. They are perfect to add to a space that we want to give an industrial touch or rustic style. These pieces will be ideal for the living room area and also for the bedroom. They can even be useful on outdoor terraces to have some things at hand. What do you think of the decoration with pallets?

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