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Pastel colors are soft colors and therefore, suitable to create serene and relaxed environments. They are also feminine and romantic colors, especially pink, the color of which today we show you the keys to get the most out of decorative.

The pink stick or cake rasa is a color that suggests security and confidence. Two qualities necessary to bet on this color not very common in our homes and that, however, can give us so much play when we incorporate it through accessories, textiles, furniture or, why not, a coat of paint.

How do I incorporate the rose?

If you are convinced of wanting to print a feminine touch to any of the rooms of your home through this color, depending on the role you want the pastel pink and the irreversible change, we propose different ways to incorporate it.

By means of accessories

If you are still not convinced about how to use this color in a room, begin with subtle touches through small accessories such as lamps, pots or other decorative elements such as boxes or filing cabinets. Despite their size, they will stand out if they are incorporated into rooms decorated in neutral colors like the ones you see in the images.

Through textiles

In the same way as accessories, pink-colored textiles can give the room that romantic and feminine touch that we look for. Like the previous ones, in addition, it is simple and relatively inexpensive to replace them if we are “wrong”. Cushions, blankets and rugs are a good choice both indoors and outdoors now that summer comes. In the bedrooms, you can also bet on pink bedding.

Decorating with rosewood furniture

It is not very common to find chairs in pink tones decorating the kitchen or sofas in this same color decorating the living room, a fact that should not become a reason to discard them as an alternative. A bright room with very soft white or gray walls becomes a good place to incorporate furniture in this color.

The pink furniture is also a great choice when it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms. In these spaces we can combine the color pink with other pastel colors or with vibrant tones, depending on the character we want to give the room.

Painting or tiling the walls

Have you ever thought about painting the walls of your rose room? Paint only the main wall, half walls or choose some paper stamped in this color to decorate a particular corner. Choose white as a secondary color and opt for neutral colors such as beige or gray in sofas and furniture.

The same effect can be achieved with a pink-colored tile. Bold, right? A pink dashboard in the kitchen can give a unique touch to this. You can also use a pink tiled stick in the bathroom, in the bathtub area or in the sink area.

How do I combine the rose stick?

The pastel colors properly combined help us create serene ambiances of optimistic character in our home. While the combination of these with vibrant notes like yellow, orange or turquoise creates cool, fun and youthful environments.

With white and gray

White is a color that we can combine with pastel pink when we look for a cleaner and more discreet proposal. We can achieve a very feminine space betting on this combination that we can apply both in family rooms and in the bedroom.

Pink and gray are a current and trend combination. Combining pink and gray we play with the feminine and the masculine, being able to balance the space towards one or another direction. It is an ideal combination for those looking for a female bedroom but not corny.

With yellow

An intense color like yellow brings light to the room. It is a color that generates a great impact and that becomes a great complement to the stick pink color to decorate creative and/or youthful spaces. Through half walls, small furniture or decorative accessories is very appropriate in juvenile bedrooms, creative studios or family rooms.

With orange and red

Who does not risk does not win? If you are looking for an original combination that does not leave anyone indifferent, dare to combine the rose stick with an orange or an intense red. A family room or a very flat office can benefit from the combination of both colors.

With greens and blues

The green forest, pine or emerald exerts a great contrast with the pink color stick. Its combination is bold but harmonious, perfect for decorating both bedrooms and family spaces, as the following images show us. A combination of colors that do not go unnoticed, right?

If we substitute the previously mentioned ones, for other softer greens or paste blue tones, we will achieve a very different effect and favorable rooms for relaxation. The combination of roses and blue pastel also is ideal to dress rooms of marked vintage character.

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