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The walls are part of the decoration of the spaces. Although many people decide to leave them blank, the truth is that they miss a great canvas in which to add a lot of decoration. The walls can be one of the most creative parts to give a special touch to our spaces.

Let’s see some ways to decorate your walls. The walls offer us infinite possibilities and we will see some of the most demanded. Then you will have to rethink the decoration of your walls because you may not get the full match they deserve.

Painted paper

The wallpaper is one of the first things we think the time to give a new touch to our walls. In this case, we have a material that gives us many things. The patterns, prints, and colors in the case of the wallpaper are endless. There are natural reasons such as flowers, geometric, classic or children’s motifs with all kinds of colors. So, in this case, the difficult thing will be to decide only for wallpaper. Since they tend to have quite striking patterns, it is usually recommended to add paper only on a wall, not in everything, because we run the risk of saturating spaces.

Paintings in compositions

The paintings have always been a perfect element to decorate walls. Nowadays they get a lot, especially in compositions. The idea of adding only one picture is over. At present, several paintings are used, all with some similarities, such as the same style or the same tones. In this way, we can make a perfect composition on the walls. Various sizes of frames are used to create a style that is not too symmetrical, for an informal touch.

Play with painting

The painting is an element that always used on the walls. You can play with this material. It is possible to paint only half of the walls or enjoy creating patterns and shapes on the walls. From making polka dot stripes or geometric shapes. Painting a wall in a new tone can make the spaces completely renew. If you do not have a lot of money and you want to enjoy a new environment, you can buy new paint.

Shelves to the air

The shelves can be a great element in the walls. They help us decorate the areas and also serve to add small details to the walls. There are many shelves that decorate by themselves. We like those that are shaped like houses or geometric boxes. Even if nothing is added inside, they will decorate the walls equally. The good thing about this element is that they also help us to have some storage space for books, paintings or plants. What we add is very important, since it must also have the same style of our environment so that everything goes hand in hand.

Decorative vinyl

The stickers can be a perfect accent for the walls. These vinyl have many interesting reasons. They have the great advantage that they are really easy to add on the walls. The most current ones can be put on and taken off without damaging the vinyl or the walls, so they are an easy-to-use element for everyone.


The mirrors are a great element for the walls for several reasons. One of them is that the mirrors can help to add much more light in the rooms since they reflect it. That’s why they can be put in smaller rooms to make them look a little bigger. In addition, there are many styles of mirrors that decorate.


The plants are the natural touch that has to have many spaces. Adding plants on the walls is the perfect touch for a relaxed atmosphere.

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