Decorating ideas in gray color


The gray color is a sober and basic tone, which is among those colors that we always use as the background for everything. But, it can become the protagonist by itself since it offers us great possibilities. With a multitude of tones, it can be a great combination with gray color. And, it is very elegant, as well as being a tone that does not go out of style.

Decorating in gray is not as simple as it seems, as we run the risk of adding too much gray and finding ourselves with a boring space. That is why you have to know how to combine patterns, elements and tones to achieve an original and interesting effect.

Pastel shades

One of the trends that have used the grayest color is undoubtedly the Nordic style. Scandinavian environments use basic tones and simple furniture. Their patterns are usually geometric and avoid saturating with colors and details. The gray color they use the most is pearl gray because it is the softest pastel shade. ThisĀ  A combination of gray color with other pastel colors such as rosewood, ocher tones and also with a lot of white which give light. In Nordic environments light is important, so gray colors are useful for good complements. Not as absolute protagonists, the floor and walls are usually white.

Minimalist gray

The minimalist style is another that combines perfectly with the gray color. In this case, we usually use slightly darker tones to bring that modernism and the sobriety typical of the minimal environment. In this kitchen, we can see how much more is unnecessary. They have a basic space with furniture in gray and strategic points of light. The wood in these spaces in the accessories provides a bit of warmth. Minimalist environments always run the risk of being too simple. But its great advantage is that you can easily add elements that contribute something, from textiles to decorative pieces.

Soils in gray

One of the trends that we love are the floors in gray. We must know that the dark tones on the ground mark much more dirt, something that we must take into account, especially if we have animals. But if we like this type of floor, they are very elegant. It is necessary to add a little lighter color in the furniture and in the walls because a dark floor will subtract a lot of light.

Add patterns

The gray color is a sober tone, but it does not have to be boring. Proof of this is this fun bathroom, where they wanted to give a special touch to their walls. The geometric pattern is another of the current trends in decoration. In these walls, we see a lot of gray, with several shades of gray mixed. But they have also added touches of white and other colors. These tones break with the monotony of gray to give a little life and joy to the walls. In addition, they are tones that combine with the furniture. And then, it depicts a balanced image.

Touches of color

In gray environments, it is possible to use only shades of gray. These spaces are very elegant and always work. However, if we get sluggish of an eternal gray, you can always add tonalities in small touches. In this bedroom, for example, they have added an intense shade of red on the headboard, a blanket, and the desk chair. Three details that nevertheless make a clear difference in the stay. Although in general, we would choose shades a little lighter to give light to gray, such as yellow or ocher, the fact is that red is also a color that works with gray.

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