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In recent years it has become very fashionable to decorate with decoupage, a technique widely used by lovers of handicrafts, as well as restoration. To work on various surfaces such as furniture, boxes, brass, lamps, pots, hangers, and canvases, wood, fabrics, in other words, the possibilities are endless.

In the decoupage the fabrics or the paper are used to stick it on the surface and then varnish them, making it appear that the drawing has been painted on the surface in question. More and more people are betting to get down working and carrying out their own creations. Do you need some ideas to decorate with decoupage? Keep reading and discover all these interesting proposals.

Ideas to decorate with decoupage your home

You just need to get cuttings from newspapers, magazines, fabrics or cardboard to decorate that object or desired objects, and then you will have to cut, paste and varnish, do you dare to try? Choose the idea that most appeals to you and start giving your home decoration a special touch.

1- Create your own lamp with this technique. You will only have to acquire a base that is original, such as an old milk jug. He paints the pitcher and with the screen of a traditional and simple lamp, he uses this technique using black and white newspaper clippings. Curious, right?with decoupage

2- If you want to go much further, you can choose to decorate items such as cups, glasses, and plates, being able to make really imaginative and visually striking creations. Choose a work of art from a museum, a flower or any other drawing and start transforming the kitchen utensils of home.with decoupage

3- The furniture of the house, such as shelves or drawers can be the perfect object to use the decoupage technique. The possibilities offered by wooden furniture in this sense are numerous, achieving very beautiful, colorful results that will give a different touch to your home. If you do not like boring wooden furniture, take care to give it that touch you need to make it the furniture of your dreams.with decoupage

4- You can also choose to decorate with decoupage any wooden box that falls into your hands. Choose a nice pattern with bright colors, preferably a floral print. The result will be truly striking.with decoupage

5- If you wish to hang your work of art on the walls of your home, we recommend that you help yourself with the canvases and choose a striking image, with history or simply that it brings back memories. Easy, fast and very economical for your pocket. Your walls will look perfect and always to your liking.

Did you like these 5 ideas to decorate with decoupage? Get going and redecorate your home by helping your decoupage. Let the style flood the different rooms of your home!

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