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On these dates are the decorative crafts made by one or as it is known popularly and internationally, crafts ‘do it yourself’ = “Do it yourself”. That is why, taking advantage of the fact that it is almost Christmas, these are the dates of the year when we decorate our home the most and we know that you love decorating for Christmas, we present some simple things that you can do yourself for these Christmas days.

The proposals that we propose from the deal with two centers of tables, a mini-Christmas tree improvised and a pendant to hang on the wall or behind any door of the house. If you like decoration, if you like Christmas and if you enjoy making your own decorative elements, this article will delight you.

Christmas centerpieces

We present two different proposals for Christmas centerpieces: one is a super simple and minimalist vase and the other is a more elaborate and decorated center.

Minimalist vase

For the minimalist vase we will need a simple vase that we like (we will choose a color that goes well to our living room or a neutral color that goes well with everything, such as white, gray or black), some dry and thin branches natural, some lavender flowers or something similar and some glass or plastic beads that are thin and small and do not add too much weight to the branches. The thing will be to exchange all this in the vase and make a simple but elegant composition.

Christmas centerpiece

The first thing we will need for this Christmas centerpiece will be an elongated, round, square or rectangular shaped dish that adapts well to our table and has adequate size for it. In it, we will put autumn and winter motifs such as natural and dried pineapples, either in their natural color or painted in a golden or silvery tone; branches of trees that we can also paint in white, pieces of a tree trunk, some Christmas figurine as a reindeer or some other colored tinsel … Our imagination and inventiveness have the key to get us a beautiful and consistent Christmas centerpiece to these upcoming parties.

Christmas tree DIYModern fireplaces

What we will do to make our own Christmas tree, simple and economical will be to make us with a large vase of soil, either ceramic or wicker … This last material brings enough warmth to any room in the house we decorate. The next thing we will look at will be branches of trees a little thicker than the ones in the previous vase to form that DIY tree that we want to make … The following will be some lights (batteries) that we can find at a very low price in any decoration store (those of Primark, for example, tend to be pretty and quite inexpensive) and some Christmas reasons such as balls, hearts to hang, stars, etc … We leave you some ideas that we have seen on the internet and that we have loved as examples.Modern fireplaces

Christmas hanger for doors

With a dry branch, a big Christmas sock and some other rattle we can make a Christmas hanger of the most emotional and homemade … Tie everything with the help of a thin string and it will be a great decoration for any door of the house. You can also use pineapples, tinsel or any other doll of the many that are today in any neighborhood bazaar.

Assure you know, especially if you have made decorative motifs before for yourselves, there will be more successful or less depending on the creativity, commitment and affection that we put. It would also be good if you arm yourself with small doses of patience in case it does not come out the first time as you expect, and more if they are the first decorative elements ‘do it yourself’ that you do. The good thing about this type of crafts is that they show us that with very little we can have a pretty and simple Christmas decoration.

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