Decoration in black and white: good idea but beware danger!


It was thought kitsch and corny but it is wrong because when staged in the rules of art, black and white decoration brings purity and elegance to our interiors. A short guide to cleverly apply it, without committing a fault of taste.

The black and white decor: in which room?

Between contemporary and classic, the black and white decor can easily be introduced in both classic Haussmann apartments and in houses with the chic and contemporary interior. It finds more its place in the living rooms like the dining room, the adult rooms or the living room. On the other hand, it will be necessary to avoid it in the rooms of children, who want themselves more dynamic and colored. Ditto in the bathroom, because these two colors may give it a cold and austere air. However, you know how this piece must be cheerful and tonic, to promote your relaxation and well-being when taking your bath.

Preserve a good balance

One says “yes” to the black and white decoration and “no” to the imbalance that it can establish if it is badly arranged. It should be known that these two shades will never have the same weight. If you can use white at will, it will not be the case of the black which will have to be present by small touches on the objects of decoration or the furniture. To avoid absolutely: to repaint the ceiling or all the walls of this color. You risk losing all the brightness in your home. On the other hand, white can be omnipresent on furniture, walls or fabrics.

Avoid 100% black and white

To avoid falling into the baroque, flee the total black and white design. It is very important to qualify when setting up your decoration. This winter, gray is particularly trendy. Feel free to use: pearl gray, anthracite gray … To give a touch of cheerfulness and modernity, you can also opt for more vivid tones using black and white as a base. Some of the most popular colors are turquoise, fuchsia, red, blue or and white

Playing on the subjects

The choice of materials is also important. Know that a decoration made of black and white brings a dull rendering to your interior. Give it a livelier look by playing on shades and materials. Wool, linen, cotton, lace or velvet is welcome. They can be found on carpets, curtains, furniture coverings or cushions. In terms of furniture, lacquered white or stained wood offer a particularly striking effect when combined with a black and white decor.

Show some tips

Playing on patterns is another effective way to showcase black and white decor. Graphic, stripe, geometric, make your imagination speak. Similarly, choose the right light. Avoid too strong light sources such as halogens and prefer those with dimmer, and of different height.

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