Decoration of tables for these Christmas holidays


A few weeks ago we gave you the keys to success this Christmas. We advised you to plan the menu, decoration and buying the gifts with time, do you remember? We are aware, however, that as often happens to us many will still have details to finalize.

If one of them is the decoration of the table, you’re lucky! Classic, traditional, natural or minimalist tables that we hope will inspire and help you towards Christmas. Are you willing to discover them?

Tables in white tones

Do you have white crockery at home? And a white tablecloth? Then you will only have to add small details to the table that will help you to give that Christmas atmosphere you are looking for. The simplest idea might seem, at first, to resort to golden accessories or Christmas motives with a certain brightness. You will not find it difficult to find them in decoration stores.

There are many other alternatives, however, that you can create yourself to decorate a white Christmas table. And without leaving home. It is about taking advantage of what you have at home and the natural elements that you can find by taking a short walk.

Centers for a white table

Create striking centers with pine branches and candles, to decorate a white table, you will find it very simple. The choice of both elements is not accidental. The pine branches will add color to the table; while the candles will help you achieve that warm and intimate atmosphere you are looking for.

Tags with names

Playing cards with the name of each guest on the table will prevent them from asking you where to sit. In addition, they will give an elegant and handmade touch to the table. You can create them with cinnamon sticks, pine branches, and kraft paper. Are you looking for something more personal and informal? Presents on each plate a motif that identifies your guest or a small photo of which you and your guest are protagonists.

Natural tables

Do you have a nice solid wood table in the dining room? So, why not show it? Undressing a wooden table is the easiest way to achieve a natural or rustic table decoration. To protect the table in some way and dress it you can use small table runners in linen or under plates of vegetable fibers like jute, to give an example.

You can also use similar centerpieces and labels that we have used to decorate white tables will be fantastic! They bring elegance to the center and make it more solemn, do not you think? If you opt for this alternative incorporates some LED garlands at the table level to give a bright spot to it.

Traditional tables

There are colors that are part of the Christmas tradition. We speak of red and green, colors that are traditionally used to decorate the table at Christmas. They are colors that we can provide by means of table linen, crockery and/or natural decorative elements.

Tables in dark tones

Whoever wants to break with the classics, will find in the black his best ally this Christmas. Is it possible to decorate Christmas tables in black? Of course and with a result, in addition, very sophisticated. Not all of us have a black table or black crockery … It is not an alternative for all tastes and that’s why it does not go unnoticed.

These are just some of the many ways we can decorate a table for the upcoming Christmas holidays. In the catalogs of the decoration houses, you have another important source of inspiration to find other ways to do it.

You bet for the decoration of tables that you bet the important thing is that you all enjoy the moment of gathering yours around it. I hope that for all those who celebrate it, it will be a very special night.

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