Decoration with neutral colors


The neutral colors are that combination with style and perfect, with which we can take our interiors. Because thanks to them, we will be giving a balance to the decoration in general. If we think for a moment of color with a gray, combined with white, it will give us a very cozy result.

That’s why they always have so much success when we want to decorate with them. But yes, although they have many virtues, we have also found some inconvenience. Because you might see how your rooms are a bit boring. To not get to it, we present some great ideas in decoration. Discover them!

What are the neutral colors?

Surely you already know it by heart, but it does not hurt to mention what the neutral colors are. On the one hand, we have the gray, beige as well as the basic black and white. Therefore, a combination of them will always be a safe bet. They will give us more comfort, spaciousness and even serenity in all rooms. But it is also true that sometimes, we need a little color. Something that gives us that brushstroke of optimism and life. That is why, on occasions, tones are introduced, such as the military green or the navy blue.

It should also be mentioned that some of the neutral colors that we have mentioned, have a great variety of shades, such as gray. That is why we can make combinations for rooms like the living room where we want a warmer atmosphere. It’s about playing with colors and shades to create those perfect nuances in our home.

How to decorate with neutral colors

  • Play always with the contrasts: If you do not want to introduce any other color, no problem. As we have mentioned, they have different tonalities. Something perfect to try to play with them. We can combine some lighter with darker and more intense. Do not be afraid to risk it because all of them, with each other, will give us a great result. In this way, you will give more originality and expression to your rooms.
  • Opt for the different textures: It is something that sometimes we do not repair but that will also help us a lot. Because colors can be seen slightly different, depending on what type of texture they reflect. Both linen and pottery or wool can be a great help. For a living room, you can help both furniture and textiles in the form of curtains or blankets. You will create a most welcoming environment!
  • Do not forget about the walls: If the furniture and textiles are the main protagonists in every room, in the case of the walls they are not left behind. We can take advantage of and opt for decorative details such as paintings or vinyl. We will also find great options and always in neutral colors, which we like so much.
  • Combine furniture: Furniture can also be combined in a matter of colors. It does not mean that everyone has to have the same tone or color. You can choose a gray sofa and complete it with beige chairs or chairs. That will always depend on the rest of the furniture or decoration that you have chosen.decoration

Minimalist and rustic decoration in neutral colors

In case you had any doubt, it is true that in addition to the furniture or the variety of shades, we also find different styles of decoration. Because neutral colors allow us to give our interiors a minimalist, Nordic and even rustic decoration. They are the three types that most adopt a combination like this. Straight lines, simple and in white or gray tones tend to be typical of minimalism. While the Nordic already introduces slightly beige or brown. Something similar also happens with the rustic, where the natural tone in brown is more than present. As you see, they are very necessary colors for our life and interiors.

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