Decoration with photos for the walls


Photography lovers have a great ally in this to dress the walls of their home. The photographs are also decorative are a way to keep in mind the most amazing places we have visited, the good moments lived since our childhood and those with whom we have shared.

The decoration with photos can also be a good way to gather the work of our favorite photographers or those images that once caught our attention. Decorating with large collections of photographs walls is fashionable and can do so in many ways. In this article, we show you today up to 6 ways to dress your walls with those photographs that you like so much.

The sets of photographs are a great alternative to dress naked walls. Also, a fantastic tool to draw attention to a particular wall and highlight everything in front of it. Do you already know what wall you want to decorate with photographs?Decoration-with-photos

Once you know which place you want to decorate with photographs, you will have to select the photographs and the format in which you wish to present them. You can create large sets by combining photographs of different styles and hang them on the wall or rest them on some surface. You can frame them or not and stick them on the wall with washi tape… The options as you will see below are not few.

Sets of framed photographs

Framing a set of photographs and hanging them on the main wall is the most common way to decorate our home with photographs. Current trends invite us to play with varied images in terms of style and size. It could be said that in the variety is the taste but with some control. For there to be a certain harmony you will have to look for a link between them; you can frame them in the same way or use color as a common thread.

On shelves or the same floor

It is not necessary to hang the photos on the wall; there are other ways to decorate them without the need to make holes specifically for them. The photographs can be supported on the floor, the surface of the different pieces of furniture that decorate the room or arranged on shelves conceived as an exhibitor.

One, why else?

If you choose a large photograph with a striking image you will not need more; it will monopolize all eyes. It may seem like decoration with simpler photos than the previous ones, but finding that image that fits well in a given space is not always easy.

Stuck with washi tape

The decoration with photos has also evolved in order to reach other environments. When a few years ago the washi tape became fashionable, many people decided to create murals on the walls, attaching their last photographs and memories with washi tape. And today it remains a great resource; especially in youthful and/or creative spaces, due to its immediacy.

Hanging on strings

A rope and a desk clamps; little else you need to create original mobiles with those photographs that you want to have always close. You can place them on the work area or the headboard of the bed and replace the photos with ease as you go living new moments “to frame”. Does not a simple and creative way of decorating with photos come up?

On grids, hangers and filing cabinets

If you are looking for unconventional ways to decorate the walls with photos, you will like the next ideas. They are supported by simple but original elements such as desk racks, folders with vintage clothespins or hangers of which we usually use to hang skirts and shorts.

The idea is to hang these elements on the wall and on them arrange those photographs that you want to be seen. The good thing about this idea, as it happened with the previous ones, is that it is easy to replace a photo when we have tired of it or we prefer to put another one in its place.

Now that you have discovered different forms of decoration with photos, why would you choose?

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