Decoration with the beautiful ocher color


The ocher is a darker yellow shade, pulling towards brown. It is a tone that has become a trend in fashion colors, both for clothing and decoration. If you want to find inspiration in decorations with ocher tones, we will give you some ideas.

The ocher color can be included in any room and will have the ability to provide brightness and joy, as it is a yellow-like tone but without being so intense, so it does not get tired. The combinations with this color are very varied, so enjoy using it.

Ocher color on your wallsocher color

The beautiful ocher color has conquered us for some seasons and that is why we can see it in many places. This color could be described as a tone between yellow and brown, a serene but cheerful color, which can contribute a lot to spaces. In this case, we see places that have chosen this color to decorate their walls. It is a color that has a lot of intensity, it is not like pastel colors, so it is usually combined with white to create a certain contrast and that this color does not get tired. As you can see the touch on the walls can give a renewed and modern look to the spaces.

A lounge with ocher colors

The lounge is the ideal place to choose a tone as the protagonist. In this case, they have chosen the ocher color as the most striking color. They have put it on the walls, on furniture or textiles. If combined with gray we will have the perfect binomial, and we will use white to reduce the intensity of these tones. The rooms have a very nice and cozy vintage touch, with really warm spaces.

A color for your bathroom

In the bathroom, ocher is not usually used, but they can be a good tone to combine with white tiles. If your bathroom is very white, you can choose to add a little ocher in the curtains or even in the towels. A small detail will be more than enough. We also find these colors for vintage bathrooms, where they use wood and warm colors.

Cozy children’s rooms

In the children’s rooms, colors such as pastel or blue or pink colors are normally used. But beyond these classics, we can choose tones that are perfect for any age, for boys and girls. The ocher is ideal in this regard. It is cheerful and perfect to combine with gray and white, which are two of the most used tones as a base in the decorations, being colors that are basic. In these photographs, you have two very nice examples of how to add ocher. With a few textiles and decorative details like matching garlands. On the other hand, ocher can be used on the walls, to give joy to the room.

Ocher color in the kitchen

A kitchen is a place where the most intense colors can be used since it is a dynamic workspace. These kitchens have the ocher color on their walls, both in the painting and in the tiles, which give it a traditional but current touch at the same time.

Details of this beautiful colorocher color

The details and accessories for the spaces can give an ocher touch to everything without saturating. If we like the most basic shades such as gray and beige or white, then we can add a little color with the ocher so that the stay is not so boring.

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