Decorative ideas for bathroom tiles


Sometimes we want to make some kind of reform, but make it simple. We do not want to spend a lot of money or have the house upside down. That is why we have to resort to proposals that are easy to make and with few materials. Those of today are intended for bathroom tiles.

Because we can get tired of always seeing the same decoration. It is not a plan to start everything that is put before us but to give it a new air. The bathroom tiles are perfect to create a new environment and as we say, without using hours or expensive materials. Do you want to discover the great decorative ideas of today?

Paste decorative tiles on bathroom tiles

One of the fastest options that will create a unique style is this. It’s about sticking decorative tiles. The tiles are a kind of adhesive, which has the size of a tile. It is true that you will also find them in other larger sizes because not all tiles have the same size. Undoubtedly, the adhesive tile will give us more color and even very modern geometric shapes.

You can place it only in one part of the wall or, making different lines. Everything will depend on your taste and also on the design you have chosen. To stick the tiles, you just have to remove the backing paper and as a result, we will have the adhesive part. Center the design on the tile. Glue a couple of edges first and go flattening with your hand until you paste it in its entirety. You can create colorful murals and all this in a matter of minutes. You will find them in specialized stores like Leroy Merlin.

Tile stickers

The vinyl is very similar to the previous option. Of course, in this case, you will also have the option to choose more original designs. Letters, those with transparent finishes or simply geometric shapes will take over. More than anything because in this case, you can alternate them. That is, you do not need to cover an entire wall.

It is simply a few stickers, which do not always have the large size of the tiles. Due to its range, you will find them in different sizes as well as colors and patterns. We must bear in mind that when we have a small bathroom without a window, it is best to opt for vibrant colors or the eternal white. Because with it we want to give more light to the room and make it look bigger. If we choose dark colors, we will be getting the opposite effect. It will look like it is smaller and dull.

Paint the tiles

If you are already a little tired of the tiles as such, then you can give a new air to your bathroom. It’s not about you peeing at the walls; it’s about having a paint job. Painting the bathroom tiles or perhaps the kitchen becomes a quick and economical aesthetic change. For this, you must buy a special glaze of tiles. Why? Because these are already indicated to withstand moisture and are much more durable.

To apply it, you must clean the tiles well. Rub with a brush and you will dry by a cloth. With the help of a roller, we will paint our bathroom. Remember that when dark colors are chosen, surely with a layer they are perfect. However, clearings will need one more. Of course, between layers, it dries about 4 hours. If you want to keep the tile joints in white, there is a kind of markers or products designed for it. You see that in a short time, you will have a completely renovated bathroom!

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