Decorative vinyl for your home


The walls of our house are like a large blank canvas that we can decorate as we wish. There are a thousand ideas in decoration stores. From a vintage box to a sheet, sheets of paper, paint and decorative vinyl. Today we will talk about the great and modern vinyl for the walls.

These vinyl are resistant and offer us a whole world of possibilities. They are easy to place and the designs are so varied that it is impossible that we do not find one that we love. That’s why we’re going to show you some ideas about vinyl and the places where to place them.

Decorative vinyl for the living roomliving room

The living room is one of those places where we can decorate the walls with a contemporary and contemporary style. It is a meeting place for the whole family, so they usually look for neutral decorations and for everyone. In this case, we see an example of two vinyl in black on a white wall, which stands out a lot. They are both inspired by nature and landscapes. However, there are many more ideas, with vinyl of colors, objects or even geometric shapes. It is important that the walls are smooth so that the vinyl will grip well and have no damage. Also, we must look at the placement and the place previously, since many types of vinyl if they take off they spoil.

Vinyl in the kitchen

In the kitchen area, we do not see vinyl so often but you can also add them, both in the tiles and on the walls. In this case, vinyl is often used that are inspired by the world of kitchens. From utensils to messages or details like coffee cups.

Vinyl for the bedroombedroom

It is usual to add decorations on the walls of the bedroom. These vinyl are ideal to put in the area of the headboard, highlighting this wall. A variety of reasons can be used for the bedroom. The geometric prints with vinyl are very popular, as they provide a modern decoration to the environment. There are also those who use letters for the headboard or positive messages. In these bedrooms, we also see the Parisian inspiration, with the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower.

Vinyl with message

Many of this vinyl have motivating phrases or may have a special meaning for us. The home is that place where we feel comfortable, and for this, we must create a pleasant space that belongs to us. With this vinyl we can customize the spaces a little more, to get a modern house where we can also find a message that keeps us positive on a daily basis.

Vinyl for children’s rooms

If you want to give a special touch to the children’s room we recommend the great vinyl. For the children’s world, there is much vinyl. From those who have their favorite characters to vinyl with animals, with funny phrases, with fairies, goblins and everything that you can think of. Vinyl is also very popular with objects such as stars, clouds or drops, which can decorate the entire wall in a very original way.

Educational vinyl

Among the children’s vinyl, we find some that in addition to decorating has an interesting function. It’s about vinyl that can be educational. On the one hand, there is vinyl that serves to measure the child as it grows, which is a great idea. On the other side is the world map vinyls. They are very educational and children can easily learn the situation and the names of the countries thanks to them. So this is a vinyls with great value that is perfect for the nursery. Have you liked these proposals to decorate the walls?

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