Discover the art of decorating with fans with these simple ideas


We all know the shape of a fan. Its lightness and how it can get attention for its colors and size. The fans as a decorative element only provide us with a fresh breeze, but it is a very feminine and elegant resource. On many occasions, the fan has so much presence that it is used in decorating homes, events, and parties. In addition, then it is already in its paper version as if it were a garland so that it ends up being one of the main elements in the decoration of any space.

Inspiration to decorate with fans

If you like the decoration with fans but it seems complex to adapt to day to day and even to the simplest ideas. Do not worry, you’re in luck. Discover this small selection with the best decorating ideas with fans that will help you decorate with them in different ways.

1- If you are looking for color, you can always choose the color fans to decorate. You just have to superimpose them, for example, on the candy bar, and you’ll see how the candy area stands out in any baby shower celebration. Remember to make them in different sizes, so that you can see the shapes and stand out all.decorate with paper fans

2- Another great idea to decorate with paper fans is to take some of different colors and sizes and set it in a strategic place on one of the walls of your house. With this tip. You can have them at home for a long time and without the need to be a celebration. It is also an element to decorate the walls perfect.decorate weddings

3- Come now, to give it a much more romantic touch. A preciousness of fans to decorate weddings. And that is to decorate more and more and are ideas as original as these. Which give much more harmony to a moment as sensational as this. In this case. In its original version and not on paper will be super traditional to combat the heat of the guests. classic fans to decorate

4- Following with the classic fans to decorate especially those that are made with wood are noteworthy. They will be perfect to place in small corners in which people can take them as a nice detail. classic fans to decorate

5- And finally, to give a radical turn to what has been seen so far cannot be omitted the garlands of paper that join the fans. However, this times to give the contrast you claim you can venture and add it as a decorative element to your room. The final touch you can give with a box to save your favorite moments and experiences. It will be a great idea to prepare your room for the summer months.

What do you think of these ideas for decorating with fans? Would you have imagined them? Surely you never thought how creative they could be. We have seen classic fans, paper, cardboard and fans that create whole circles.

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