Do you know what the new trend in Primark is?


Surely today we all know of the existence of the clothing and household goods chain called Primark. That Irish chain that strategically and little by little has been making a “big” gap between our different Spanish cities. Well, as you probably know too, Primark not only sells clothes (women, men, and children), mostly considered low-cost but also sells household items. In it, we can find candles, lights, books, cosmetics, and even sheets.

A few months ago, the Chip Cup (one of the characters in the movie “Beauty and the Beast”) became one of the most famous articles in the country because almost everyone was getting one of these cups. The truth was, it was very cute, and it became an “essential” article especially for those considered fans of the Disney movie. Relatively recently, fashion items at Primark were all related to the Harry Potter saga, from pajamas to notebooks that carried some kind of design that matched the magic of Hogwarts. To this day, it is the new trend of Primark. Do you want to know what it is? Next, we reveal the data of the new and famous acquisition of Primark.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse lamps

These lamps that we do not doubt for a second that will soon occupy a small corner of your desk or shelf, are LED lamps of one of the most famous couples of Disney: Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The weirdness of this article is that they were put on sale last Christmas at a price of 13.50 euros, and also flew, but those who were made with more than one copy, are now selling them through the eBay website, including, for a price double yours. This has made fans of these characters want to enjoy that article on the shelves of Primark.

A resounding success that leads Primark to position itself in one of the most visited fashion stores by all Spaniards. Do you think that these lamps will be seen again by Primark? Will you get one of them in case they are sold again on the Irish chain?

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