Eight ideas to have more privacy in your garden


Enjoying a terrace or garden is something that many people look for when choosing a home, but they have one small drawback: the lack of privacy. The fact of having an outdoor space also makes it easier for neighbors or passers-by to see what happens, what is there or what you do in your terrace or garden, so to avoid it we are going to propose you a series of DIY ideas for gardening with which to increase your privacy.

How to get more privacy in my garden?

With these ideas for the decoration of gardens, you will feel more comfortable in your garden since your privacy will increase considerably and in the simplest way.

1. The plants

Not only you will be gaining privacy, but you will be helping our planet by creating a small green area in your terrace or garden. Bamboo, cactus, shrubs, boxwoods in tall pots or more traditional options such as hedges, vines or cypresses are excellent choices to hide what happens in the outside of your home to the rest of the world.

2. A wall of pots

A choice as discreet as interesting is the walls with pots, in which you can plant what you want. If you think it is too much work you can always opt for a latticework to which we will add some pot to complete the decoration so that it is somewhat camouflaged in the natural environment and does not look like a glob inside that terrace or garden, where it would have a great impact visual.

3. The lattices, a universe of possibilities

We just talked about them, but the lattices deserve a separate chapter. You can buy plastic lattices, resistant to the sun, at a good price. They are very easy to install, and we can adjust them to the height and width necessary to keep our privacy safe. Place a lattice in your garden, not only will keep you safe from prying eyes, but they will also hide elements such as air conditioning to the outside, improving the image of your home.

4. A wooden screen

Depending on the type of house you have, a wooden screen can be the ideal complement so that your neighbors do not spy on you. You can build a wooden slat screen yourself so that it looks like one of those wooden shutters that houses once had. You can leave the gap you consider necessary for light to enter. An original idea that will not cost you too much.

5. Aluminum and wood panels

We do not forget the wood yet, but instead of that blind with slats, we will combine wooden plates with other aluminum. The result will be an elegant panel at the same time sophisticated, and although it may take you some time to finish this protective panel the result is worth it and will give a special touch to your terrace or garden.

6. Recycling after a reform

If you have just done a renovation in which you have changed the doors or the blinds you can recycle these elements and install in your terrace or garden an original protective wall of old stacked blinds or doors. The result is very modern protection, which you can also paint the color you want to adopt the old doors or shutters to the style of the house, its color, etc.

7. Screens

With the doors that we have just seen, you can also build a screen. If you are a handyman, another option to consider is to build a wooden screen -which we can also buy already made- and cover it with a thick cloth. Thus we have a flexible and opaque wall that we can move according to the privacy needs that we have at each moment.

8. bottles of colors

Lovers of doing it yourself can also recycle empty glass bottles by not throwing them into the green container but by painting them in colors and crossing them with a rod to get a wall that prevents those who pass by in front of the house to see what is happening inside. Of course, this peculiar barrier will also take many looks.

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