Eight tips use that you can give to a stool to decorate your home


If you have several stools at home and usually use them during the months of good weather to sit on the terrace, you will be interested to know that you can give many other uses to this type of furniture when you do not need to sit down. Surely you have one or two at home, even one that you do not like anything because you’ve been watching it every day for years and years. Well, do not worry, because then we will discover what uses we can give a stool to turn around the decoration of our house.

Discover what uses a stool to decorate your house

The stool is a very versatile type of auxiliary furniture since it is very practical to sit our guests when we do not have enough chairs. Therefore, there are many who always have a few stools on the terrace or in the garden to receive visitors at home. However, beyond the mere use of using them as a temporary seat, the stools can also be used to decorate the home. If you do not want to wait any longer and want to know how to use a stool to decorate your home,  do not wait any longer and take note of these ideas.

1. As a lamp

One of the most original ways to reuse a stool and give a complete turn to its functionality is to create a small table to renovate the hall of your house. The best thing is that with this solution. You will not use much space in your home and you can hang a small lamp that illuminates part of the hall or the corridor. In this case, low stools are the most appropriate.

2. As a bedside table

If you have visited all the decoration shops in your city and do not find a few bedside tables that you like. You can try to create new tables to place on each side of the bed with two low stools.  In them, you can place a lamp. Support your reading book or take a glass of water every night when you go to sleep.

3. As a decorative plinth

If you have a very nice plant at home that you would like to highlight or a very attractive decorative lamp. You can use a stool to help you highlight these objects over the rest of the house.

4. The bar for the kitchen

If your kitchen is too small to set a table. You can make a small improvised bar for breakfast every morning with a high stool. This solution will allow you to stop drinking your coffee standing every morning if you place a seat next to the stool.

5. Multipurpose on the terrace or in the garden

A stool can become a versatile multipurpose piece of furniture to be placed next to the barbecue in the garden. Next to a table to support the drinks, or in a corner to place a beautiful flower pot.

6. To support things in the bathroom

If you do not have any auxiliary furniture in the bathroom where, for example, to support the soap, the sponge, the rolls of toilet paper you store, or to place the clean towels in an original way. A trick is to use a stool as an auxiliary table for your bathroom.

7. Seat for children

If the little ones in the house want to sit and paint on the living room table, or on the terrace. One of the best ideas for them to feel is to use stools. In this way, you can set up a place for recreation and entertainment anywhere in the house.

8. As a decoration element

You can find stools so beautiful and so well upholstered, that they can become a decorative object by themselves. This is the case of the stools that are lined with leather or imitation leather. Which often serve as a footrest while lying on the sofa in the living room.

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