Ethnic decoration in the home


The ethnic style is inspired by other cultures with an ethnic component. It usually has certain common features and is usually inspired by cultures such as Arabic or African, in which there is a very marked style. Its beautiful style usually has a lot of colors and incredible prints.

If you like personality styles, we recommend ethnic decoration, which is perfect for any home.

Textiles are usually the protagonists, although there are also some accessories that can give that touch to the spaces.

Textiles in ethnic decoration

ethnic decoration

One of the things that are most used when creating ethnic environments is textiles. There are many textiles that give us that exotic and ethnic touch.

They usually have special prints that are inspired by African, Indian, or Arab fabrics, which have prints full of details and colors.

Geometric shapes and arabesques are usually the most used. Simplicity is not usually seen in these types of prints.

These textiles also have many colors that are intense. Pastel colors are often avoided in this decorative trend because they have nothing to do with the ethnic world.

The tones are usually red, orange, yellow, and brown vivid and intense. This makes it difficult to mix the different textiles since they have very striking prints.

The most intense color

In this type of decorations, we can add a lot of colors. It is obvious that we should not overdo it and that is why it is recommended to use the white color on the walls to prevent the color from being too intense and getting tired. However, many vivid tones are mixed in furniture, textiles, and walls.

One way to combine these tones well is to focus on a color that is the protagonist, for example, red. The other colors revolve around this way we will avoid adding too many colors without control.

The ethnic style in furniture

There is some furniture that has an ethnic charm. They are usually inspired by the Arab world and have intricate patterns in the wood. There are Arab side tables that are widely used in this style and also mirrors.

Arabic lamps with colorful can be another nice detail in this style. It is better to mix with the furniture, avoiding those that are too modern or minimalist because they do not combine well with this style. In this case, vintage style furniture is better.

Ethnic hall

Ethnic hall

The living room is one of the most central places in the house, where the whole family meets. This place must be cozy and with the ethnic style, we can achieve great warmth.

Wooden furniture, warm tones such as red or orange, and also the great profusion of textiles that are usually used help to give that warmth. Add some patterned blankets on the sofa, some wicker baskets, some ethnic paintings, and wooden furniture to create the perfect ethnic living room.

Ethnic style bedroom

Ethnic style bedroom

The bedroom area is a space that should be cozy. In the ethnic style, you can add tapestries, blankets, and cushions with this style. Even a duvet cover with an ethnic and colorful print can help.

The ethnic style is very cheerful but in the bedrooms, it is usually softened with white tones since bright colors do not help rest.

Ethnic terrace

Another of the areas where ethnic decoration is great is on the terrace. We can add some Arabic-style floor lamps, side tables, Arabic carpets, and colored cushions. It will give our terrace an exotic and fun touch.

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