Five exceptional ideas to renovate the hall


If you want your house to have a different and special environment, nothing better than making some slight changes. It is not always necessary to invest a huge amount of money to get a more modern home. Many times, making simple modifications you can give a new look to your house. We want to help you to modernize your house and, specifically, the decoration of the hall. Therefore, below, we discover 5 exceptional ideas to renew the entrance of the house in a simple and very effective way. The answer lies in the details!

How to decorate the house entrance

The entrance is the area of your house that is first seen. It is the first contact you and your guests have of your home and your privacy. For this reason, it is important that you have a well-taken care of aspect and a decoration that presents well what is the personality of your home. Here we are going to discover some of the best ideas to renew the entrance of the house and, thus, you can get a much more pleasant stay. With simple changes and decoration tricks, you will make your house look … as good as new!

1. Change the frames of the house entrance

A sea change of simple and very striking to renew and modernize the hall is to look at the frames. The doors, the windows or the mirrors that you can have in this area of the house contain frames that can be easily changed. With a change of this element, you will be able to renew the entrance of the house and give it a much more modern and different touch. It is a very simple (and economic) innovation that, however, will give very good results.

2. Renew your furniture

Another of the best ideas to renovate the entrance of the house is that you give a new touch to the furniture you have in this room. For example, you can choose to buy some new furniture or, if you do not want to invest so much money, you can renew the old ones. How? There are many options to organize the hall and give a new life, as, for example, giving a coat of paint, including decorative elements, and so on. You can also choose the recycled decoration with which, thanks to items such as fruit boxes or pallets, you can get new furniture for the entrance.

3. Add plants and vegetation to the hall

A great idea for your home to have more personality from the entrance is that you include a natural touch to your hall or hall. The flowers and plants are decorative elements suitable to give a fresh and clean touch to your home. Therefore, you can choose a large plant that you place in a corner or next to a wall; you can also place smaller plants on the shelves or furniture, and so on.

4. Change door and window handles

In order to get the hall renewed you must also take into account simple elements, such as fencers. If you decide to renew the drawers of the drawers and the doors, you will make the furniture and spaces look different. In addition, today there is a wide variety of handles the sea of originals that will be ideal for your home. A simple and affordable option with which you can give a new touch to your home. You can also choose to change the lighting in the hall to give more light and a change.

5. Change the color of the walls

And finally, if you want to renew the entrance of the house, nothing better than to give a touch of different color to the hall. Keep in mind that, in small spaces (as ten dresses are usually), decorative elements fit. Therefore, the walls acquire a greater role both aesthetically and functionally. For this reason, a good option is to change the color of the walls or, also, include a decorative vinyl that gives a different and very special touch.

Obviously, the walls can also be covered with pictures, photographs, wooden signs with phrases, and so on. Keep in mind that the wall becomes a very important space and, therefore, nothing better to give a special and different touch.

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