Five ideas to decorate with lavender that will make you


Have you ever thought about decorating your home with lavender but you have not known where to start? Today we bring you some inspiring ideas that you will love so you can decorate a corner of your home. The truth is that decorating with plants and especially with lavender has become very popular in recent times, and this is not only due to its particular violet color, but to the fragrance, it gives off.

There is no doubt that lavender is considered a flower of great versatility, a flower that offers a multitude of possibilities and that can give a lot of play when it comes to decoration. What’s more, lavender has become one of the flowers par excellence in a multitude of wedding links on the day of the wedding.

Charming ideas to decorate your home with lavender

Undoubtedly, lavender is a very low-cost flower with a really great aromatic power. Both advantages added to its beautiful aesthetics. Make this flower a great ally to decorate any home in a different and original way, as well as practical and economical.

The lavender can be used to create bouquets, to create table centerpieces or to decorate special places. In short, it is a great ally for any time and place. Do you want to feel the fresh and soft aroma of lavender? Then take note of these ideas to decorate your home with lavender.

1- This idea is really beautiful, elegant and in a certain romantic way. You will only have to surround with lavender flowers a candle inserted in a glass jar or similar and tie them with a nice bow that goes with the color of lavender. Easy, economical and attractive, right?

2- Another interesting proposal is to create a simple crown with lavender. This type of crowns can give a lot of play, especially to decorate the tables in your home. Inside the crown, you can place everything that comes to your imagination, from candles to figures. It can become a simple but elegant centerpiece by putting a little creativity into it.

3- If you do not want to complicate yourself in excess, we recommend that you simply choose that container or vase that you like best to place your lavender flowers. As simple as that! You can choose from traditional vases to glass jars that wrap with strings or ropes. You can also decant old bottles or jars, giving a vintage touch.

4- What do you think of hanging lavender from the doors of your home? Too easy! You should only create cones or cones with newspaper or cardboard and add a handle with a rope or similar to be able to hang it easily. Inside your cone or cone add the lavender flowers. Which you can accompany if you wish with dried flowers, leaves or similar. There are many possibilities, but this example will be great to decorate the garden with lavender. Charming!

5 – If what you are most interested in lavender is to get its aroma to spread throughout the house. Then with the help of a pair of lemons cut in half, create your own candles with lavender as in the picture. Really simple and deliciously aromatic.

What do you think of these ideas to decorate with lavender? Have you found useful? With what idea would you stay? Do not miss the possibility of using lavender as a decorative flower in your home, as it is … the perfect complement for decoration!

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