Five original ideas to decorate with small trunks


The trunks of small size are a very useful result in any home and have a very special charm thanks to their vintage airs. They are super useful both to store small objects and to be the protagonists decorating one of the corners of our sweet home. They are in charge of strengthening the style of your house and giving it more personality.

Decorating ideas with small trunks

While it is true that it has always been common to decorate with small trunks, this element with such versatility is worthy of a privileged place in our home. In addition, there are models and styles for all tastes, for all sizes and all possible materials and colors.

Would you dare to decorate with them? In that case, take paper and pen and discover all these ideas to decorate with small trunks. Even if you want you can buy yourself a small trunk of natural pine and paint it yourself and create the trunk that best matches what you’re looking for your home.

1- You can buy a nice chest made of wood and vintage style that you put in your bedroom and use as a jeweler. The idea is to place it on your dresser or on your bedside table. In this way, you will bring a different touch to your room and you will always have on hand those jewels or jewelry that you use most in your day by day.with small trunks

2- If you are a faithful collector of minerals or precious stones, you can also create a small corner where you can expose inside your little trunk all the most attractive and visually appealing stones or minerals, those of which you feel most proud. You can also combine them with some personal jewel to give an original and novel touch.with small trunks

3- Do you love the marine world and all that it represents? Then do not hesitate, this is the best idea for you. Get a sailor style trunk or create it yourself, and accompany it around with small shells, fish figures, starfish, or the like. Try that the trunk looks slightly worn, so the impact it will cause will be greater. Let your imagination fly!with small trunks

4- If you are looking for a much simpler idea that does not require any kind of complication, you do not have to look for more. Open that trunk that you want to place in your home and fill it with small stuffed animals. Easy, fun and cheerful, especially if there are children at home. Put one, two, three or whatever you want.with small trunks

5- If you have always liked the stories of pirates, buccaneers and treasure islands, then why not fill your small trunk with coins? And if you want you can create a purely marine environment around it, with fishing nets, sand or even a small bottle with a message inside if you wish.

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