Five practical ideas to decorate your home with recycled cardboard


In these times, recycling has become a clear need to take care of the environment, to take care of the planet. Today, there are many elements of cardboard decoration that are usually discarded in the home and that can become perfect allies for the decoration of any home. The cardboard recycling is one of these elements.

Inspiring ideas to decorate with cardboard

If you want to join the millions of people who recycle your waste. You have at your disposal a multitude of possibilities to decorate with cardboard. And it’s the small details that make the difference. That is why if you are looking for inspiration to decorate with cardboard, you are in luck. Discover these fantastic ideas to decorate your home with recycled cardboard and do not let them escape. You will love it!

1- Do you have cats at home? Then you will surely know how very dice these animals are to hide in any corner or hole they find. If a cardboard box falls into your hands. Do not hesitate to reuse it as an element for your cat’s games. You will have a great time!

2 – If you have small children at home. Surely they are fascinated by crafts as much as you so do not hesitate to help. You with the cardboard you have at home to create figures with cardboard like the one you see in the picture. You can hang them at home or in the children’s bedroom. Let your imagination fly!

3- The cardboard can also become a perfect ally to create your own homemade folders in which to keep your notebooks. Magazines, books or books. And if you want your organizer to store things stand out much more. Paint it with bright colors like pink or blue.

4- Everyone has cardboard boxes at home that they no longer need and that unfortunately, often end up in the trash. If this is your case, do not hesitate to use your cardboard box as a decorative element in your home office, your room, your living room or any other room. You can keep countless objects inside, from memories to documents.

5- Another fun alternative for children that will give a fun and original touch at any birthday party is to use a cardboard egg cup as a container in the form of a snake. In this way, you will not only get a fun decorative item for the children, but you will have a nice time with them while you prepare it.

Now that you know these simple ideas to decorate with recycled cardboard. Do not hesitate to put them into practice and show us your results. Your home and the environment will thank you!

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