Five sensational ideas to decoration gifts with raffia


Ideas for decorating gifts with raffia. When the time comes to celebrate a feast of celebration and we have to give a gift to a loved one always we look for everything to be perfect, that nothing goes wrong, and whoever receives the gift remains really surprised / a. For this to be so it is not enough to make a nice gift, you also have to take care of the presentation of it. Can you imagine receiving a gift wrapped and without presence? Without a doubt, it would break all the charm of the moment.

Ideas for decorating gifts with raffia

If you are looking for inspiration for this gift you should know that decorating with raffia is one of the best ideas you can use to achieve the desired effect. The raffia combined with a good wrapping paper can create a striking effect and will help you create a beautiful and visually striking gift.

1- Do you want to surprise a friend? Look for a wrapping paper that combines in colors that you are going to choose. In this way, you will make your gift much more striking and striking if both elements combine perfectly. If it is a gift for the next Christmas, we recommend that you hang a small star from the raffia. Very original!decorating gifts

2- If you are going to give a book to a loved one. Does it in a different way than you always have? Make your own craft with beautiful raffia in gold or silver tones and carefully tie the book you are going to present with a bow. Surely you will get to surprise the person who receives the present.decorating gifts

3- The raffia can give a lot of play when it comes to wrapping gifts. So we invite you to look at the image below. With a simple roll of raffia, you can create gifts of the most original. Since you can use it as a rope to ‘hang’ small invented flags, among many other possibilities. Do you dare to try?decorating gifts

4- Wrap your gift with brown cardboard paper and make a beautiful bow with raffia that looks elegant embroidery. If it is a gift for the loved one, then do not forget to add a small passion colored heart hanging from the raffia of your gift or hanging through another reddish side that complements the first tie.decorating gifts

5- Since the raffia became an element to decorate gifts. They have gone out to the market infinity of products, but sometimes there is nothing like making your own crafts so that this gift is much more personal still. In this image that you will find below. You will see this little bow made with raffia that will be ideal to complement a craft for Father’s Day. Elegant, fine, but at the same time modern.

What do you think of these 5 sensational ideas to decorate gifts with raffia? Surely we have managed to give you really original and different ideas to surprise your loved ones. Your family and friends will be fascinated!

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