Five simple ideas to decorate the walls of your home with fabrics


The walls of your home are something like the canvas of your heart, where all the wishes can be expressed. However, the decoration of the walls has always been relegated to a second place, when in reality the possibilities can be super creative. For example, decorating the wall with fabrics is a super useful idea and easily adaptable to all styles.

Ideas to decorate with wall fabrics that you will love

If you are looking for inspiration to decorate the walls of your home with fabrics below you will find a small selection of ideas with which you will see that the walls of your house can have a greater role. Much more than you imagined. Take this opportunity and give your unique and personal style, which defines you and yours. Take the paper and start pointing!

1- Hang old style fabrics, a silk or vintage handkerchief in one of your favorite places at home. This will give the home warmth that you did not even imagine. You can use an old handkerchief, which you no longer use. And, although in this case, the fabric works more as a compliment and not as a protagonist, try that the rest of objects are combined with the fabric, for example, these boxes of recycled fruit. The result will be fabulous!with fabrics

2- This is a totally different, exotic and with a very particular style. The result is super minimalist, but if it is not what you were looking for, it will be enough to choose a classic fabric to decorate the wall. The trick is to let the first rays of sunlight through the window.with fabrics

3- Have you ever thought that it is possible to decorate a whole room with fabrics? Well, even if you do not believe it, it is possible and the effect is surprising. The basic idea of this paper painted and lined. Based on this, a fabric with prints will complete the final result.with fabrics

4- If you want to give a hippie style, look for an environment, a window with lots of light. Take two white cloths and place them on the wall, for example, around the window. Then make your own seesaw, and in this case, try to make fabrics with more bohemian prints. Add some plants around you, and you’ll feel like you’re in Ibiza.with fabrics

5- The wall fabrics can also serve to give sobriety, to generate a space like curtains. Ideal for decorating your kitchen. In addition, if it is better burlap cloth, a lot of elegance, an intimate atmosphere, and a rustic style.

What do you think about this little sample of everything you can do with fabrics to decorate a wall? Would you put any of these ideas into practice? Dare to add them in the decoration of your house and share the results. But remember! These are the base ideas and the limit will only depend on your own imagination.

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