Five tricks to decorate the smallest spaces of the house


If you live in a small house, by now you will have realized that spaciousness matters, and much, when it comes to achieving the ideal comfort and habitability in the home. For that reason, discover some simple tricks to decorate the smallest spaces of the house.

How to get bigger spaces

Whether you live in an apartment or studio a few meters away, or if your house has become too small as the family has grown, you should bear in mind that the decoration you choose for each room in your home can make it look like bigger or smaller

If you want to give amplitude to the smallest spaces of the house, do not hesitate to follow these simple decorating tips, and you can also count on the services of specialists such, a leading company of integral reforms.

1. Use mirrors

In addition to being beautiful ornamental elements, the mirrors can become the great allies for the expansion of the smallest spaces of the house, because they transmit that feeling of spaciousness that we often need at home.

A good option is to place a large mirror on a wall where you do not have any hanging picture or decorative element, and thus avoid overloading this space.

2. Paint color

When the rooms are, in general, too small and transmit feeling of little space, the most successful thing is to paint the walls in very light tones, especially when we talk about the living room.

The faint yellows, the soft lavender color, the gray, or any pastel tone are the ideal colors to paint the smallest rooms of the house and thus convey a more real feeling of spaciousness.

3. The furniture

As with the tone of the walls, the colors of the furniture also have to be more or less clear to achieve a greater sense of space in small houses.

In this sense, the furniture in white transmits more luminosity and, in addition, they usually combine very well with the curtains or the sofa. However, dark-colored furniture dwarfs the space and makes the rooms in the house look smaller.

Also, whenever possible, you should bet to put little furniture and forget the idea of placing furniture in every corner of the house. In case you have to put up a piece of furniture yes or yes, better choose minimalist furniture and combine it with shelves in the walls and other mobile elements, which allow you to pick them up or move them at any time.

4. Curtains

The curtains have become a secondary element in many homes. This is because in smaller homes large drapes rob space to smaller rooms.

Therefore, if you have to put curtains, do not hesitate to choose them, because when they are collected, they do not take up space in the room. And in addition, it is convenient that these blinds are always of clear colors, smooth tonalities and of the lightest materials that you can find.

5. Decorative elements

We all look forward to decorating the house with the decorative elements that we like the most, such as photo frames, vases, paintings, trays, etc. However, in small houses, we must try not to put too many ornamental elements to create a sense of lack of space.

Therefore, in addition to putting a few decorative elements, a very simple trick is to place the odd photo frame or frame in a light color, and with a very simple and minimalist frame.

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