Five tricks to decorate your room without lot of money


Do you want to renovate your room cheaply? You have to know that there are many decorating tricks “low cost” with which you can give a new look to your room and your home without having to invest a lot of money. In addition, it is also very fashionable lately what is known as “recycled decoration” that allows you to reuse old objects to give them new functionality.

As you can see, there are many options that will allow you to show off a new room. Therefore, in this article, we wanted to make this compilation and discover 5 tricks to decorate your room without spending a lot of money. Write to them all!

How to decorate the bedroom on a budget

If you want to change the decoration of your room you have to know that you will not need to invest hardly any money. The truth is that, with simple organizational changes, you can enjoy a more modern and renewed space. Here we offer 5 tricks to decorate your room without spending much money that will help you make these changes quickly and, above all, very effective!

1. Decorate with old stairs

Within the recycled decoration, one of the options that we like the most is one that reuses an old ladder for decorative purposes. “A ladder” You will think. Yes, with this simple you will get a much more modern and vintage image.

For example, a good idea is that you support this ladder against the wall and use it as a shelf. On each shelf (step) you can place photos, candles, plants … In addition; the staircase alone has a decorative aspect that will make your room look like another.

2. The importance of lighting to decorate without money

With simple changes in the lighting of any space, you can achieve real feats and without spending a lot of money. In a room, there are likely to be different spaces: a sleeping area, a study area, a dressing room … Therefore, with adequate lighting to each area, you will be able to differentiate them better and make the room look bigger in a few simple steps.

In addition, in the most intimate and relaxed area, the ideal is that you opt for more dim lights that invite to rest and disconnection. You can also choose to place the small led lights that are so worn today and make any wall, fun and cozy wall.

3. Decorate with photos

Another of the best tips to decorate your room without spending a lot of money is to take advantage of your own memories for decorative purposes. If you do not like to have the whole wall covered with photos of you, you can choose to make a collage with photos of beautiful sites or memories: a trip, photos of landscapes, etcetera.

With this, you will have a beautiful and aesthetic mural in your room that, in addition, will be a reflection of your life. It is a good idea to give a different and personalized touch to a wall that you have empty. In this way, you will make your room more yours than ever.

4. The plants are perfect for decorating a room

If you want to give a little more life and joy to your room, nothing better than placing plants and flowers. You can choose fresh varieties or, also, plastic plants. This second option is ideal for less careful people who have time to care for plants.

You can get a much more cheerful and welcoming touch to your home and, specifically, to a room by placing a small flower on the dresser or if you put a plant standing in that corner. It is a simple (and cheap) advice with which you will be able to create a much more pleasant and welcoming space.

5. Decorative vinyl on walls or paint

And finally, another of the tricks to decorate your room without spending a lot of money is to give a more fun touch to your walls. Many times, with a little color or a distinctive element, you already manage to totally renew a stay.

Therefore, a perfect option is to give your room a coat of paint. You can choose a wall or change all the color completely. If you do not want to paint, you can also choose to place decorative vinyl, something that is very fashionable. This second option is a bit more expensive but, really, it will make you have an incredible room.

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