Flower centers to decorate your table


The centerpieces make a table look special. If when we invite family or friends to eat at home we worry about preparing a menu that satisfies and/or surprise them, why do not we pay the same attention when dressing the table?

The fresh flowers are a wonderful tool to bring freshness to the table. The floral compositions are the most demanded alternative as table cento and it is not a coincidence. Make simple flower arrangements is everyone’s reach we should only choose the flowers and the most appropriate support for it.

To make your own flower centers you can use wild varieties, take advantage of the flowers that grow in your garden or bet on tropical and unique specimens. Playing with both the type of flowers and the type of support you can create beautiful compositions with your own style.

Simple flower centers

Are you looking for something simple? A centerpiece that if it attracts attention for its simplicity? If so, a few branches of some wild plant and some jars or glass vases will become your best ally. A walk in the countryside is all you need to complete them.

Rustic flower centers

The rustic touch we can achieve well incorporating wildflowers, well playing with wooden supports. A wooden box or a slice of the tree become great supports for this type of centers. They are also great ally bottles and glass jars decorated with ropes; by combining different sizes we can achieve simple but effective compositions.

Another way to create rustic centerpieces is using the table directly as support. Or put another way; place a floral cloak over this creating a floral table runner. In this case, bet on a green background and some flowers in different colors.

Classic flower centers

Surely you have all attended a wedding in which flowers cut in shades of pink with small wildflowers that contrast in color with the first ones was combined in the center of the table. It is a classic combination that we can present in a vase or even in a glass and accompany with candle holders or candlesticks.

Tropical flower centers

Are you looking for a fresher proposal? More exotic Bet on the color and tropical plants to create your centerpiece. The pineapples and monster leaves have become an object of the trend to decorate the different corners of our home and the table is no exception. Use them as a base to create colorful compositions and thus achieve a fresh and fun table for a dinner among friends.

Simple? Rustic? Classic? Exotic? Whatever style you choose, make sure that table linen, crockery, glassware, and cutlery keep a certain harmony with the flower center. And that this allows the guests to see each other and have a conversation without difficulty.

Now that you have seen different ideas, will you be encouraged to decorate the table in the next celebration at home?

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