Folding-box system bed


In the room, the revolution begins … Under the bed! Thanks to the innovative Noctis panel under the container base: technological and patented, it opens to the book when necessary.

From Noctis comes absolute novelty in the world of container beds, a real technological revolution that will mark a new path.

This bed designed and patented by the Marche Company – among the top players in the sector of upholstered beds and 100% made in Italy sofa beds – the Folding Box allows you to easily access the floor under the net, to clean it without having to lift or move the structure. Thanks to a bottom panel inside the space-saving container box: it simply folds by pulling the handle inside, without any effort.

An innovative patent that reconfirms Noctis as a reality at the forefront of research and experimentation with new solutions to guarantee absolute well-being and comfort.

Thanks to the Folding-Box system cleaning under the bed could not be simpler: the panel, in fact, now folds and collects comfortably close to the footboard, leaving the floor completely accessible without having to move bulky and heavy panels or even move the bed from the usual position.

A slight movement is enough

The Folding Box system also includes an Automatic version, thanks to which you can open the space-saving box with the hands engaged. A simple movement of the foot in the middle of the foot allows, in fact, operating a sensor able to open the compartment automatically. To close it, simply touch the sensor again to avoid accidental closing.

Folding Box Automatic is applicable to all models, with a few exceptions due to the technical specificity of some beds.

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